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Amber is a GSD cross Husky. She is 4 years old. Not yet spayed but she is vaccinated and microchipped. Amber is good with children from 2 upwards. On the lead she will bark at other dogs but off lead she wants to play. She is ok with Grandmum’s cat but may well chase when out. Unknown with livestock.

Amber is being rehomed due to her owners working long hours so she is being left for long periods and not getting much exercise. This is what our volunteer has to say about her:

“Amber is very treat orientated but not toys as hardly plays with them. Yes I walked Amber with a halti as was told she pulled but she was fine and walked quite well. We passed a few men as was told she can be funny with some and bark, but she didn’t. Two women with a small dog were behind us and I made Amber sit to let them pass to see her reaction. She did not bark but pulled on her hind legs when the woman who had the small dog picked the dog up to pass. Amber’s owner said she used to be off lead and played with dogs ok, especially smaller ones, but has run off a few times so not let her off since, so recall needs work.

Amber lives with a male Staffie and both were in the kitchen when I arrived behind a child’s gate. Amber got through a few times. When she came in the front room she was very excitable and jumped up a lot and onto the settee. I told her down and eventually got her to sit with a treat.”

Can you give this happy girl a home please?

Amber has gone to another rescue.

4 years
Good with children:
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