In memory of those who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Valcoux

    We were asked to take Valcoux in as an emergency. This is what we were told: “Handover GSD, called Valcoux, French name and French chip, not sure how you spell it, dog is around 7 years old, male entire, they have had him 2 weeks. He has been bathed, clipped, deflead and wormed, don’t know if he is up to date with vacs. They can’t keep him because he is too bouncy and boisterous, can get over the fence, and they have 2 nine week old pups which he seems very interested in. He is good with children from 5 years up, but not sure about little ones, lives with a 5 and 7 yr old. He was kept outside in his previous home, doesn’t seem to have had any socialising or training from what I can make out, he is just a loony bouncy overgrown puppy. He is chained in a very muddy, cluttered small garden, constantly getting the chain caught on things and wrapped around his legs, only has a plastic bottle to play with, which he absolutely loved, he did know sit and owner says he knows paw. They have not walked him near other dogs so...
  2. Keora

    [dog_slideshow} This lovely girl is 2 year Keora who is not currently spayed but is vaccinated and microchipped. Keora is good with children and other dogs but unknown with cats. She is a very friendly girl, in fact over friendly with people. She is used to being with her current owner 24/7 so probably would be best with someone who is around most of the time. Does need some work on the lead and recall is improving but has basic commands. Only being rehomed as her owner is struggling to care for his infirm mum and Keora. This sweetheart deserves the very best please. Keora is now settling in with her new family. Keora renamed Kira had a wonderful 6 plus years with her family but has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  3. Sheba

    This lovely girl is Sheba. She is 7 years young. Sheba has been microchipped but not had a vaccination since her puppy jabs. She is also not spayed and has had at least one litter in the past. No longer wanted her by her owner who now has a baby, Sheba is a super friendly and loving girl that will be fine in most homes. Older children will be fine and she has not shown any problems towards other dogs she has seen. A super girl, Sheba just wants a home of her own to be loved and spoilt please. Sheba has been adopted. This beautiful girl who was renamed Aerith, has passed over Rainbow Bridge after complications during a routine surgery. Run free beautiful x
  4. Major

    This rather stunning young man is Major who is just 1 year old. Not yet neutered, vaccinated or microchipped, he was living between houses . Major had an accident at 7 months old leading to the loss of one of his hind legs. He was sent to live with the original owner’s mum so he was safe but she can no longer care for him full time due to also caring for elderly parents, one of whom has dementia. Major spends the night at his new mum’s partner’s home but he is not supposed to have a dog in his flat. Major is a big puppy. No young children as he has not encountered them and despite his disability can still be quite boisterous. Loved a visit from his assessor and greeted with a toy and was happy for lots of fuss. He is fine with other dogs when off lead but does bark if on lead, but it is all mouth. He is in good condition, although lean, however this is under the advice of the vet due to his disability. Will need further lead training but has recall. Major does not like being left so will need a...
  5. Sky

    Sky is 10 years old and a GSD cross Husky. She is now spayed and is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Sky is sadly looking for a new home as her dad is losing his home after a relationship breakdown and she desperately needs a new home! She is a very nervous girl, and whilst she has nipped a couple of people who have got into her space, our volunteer says she is not at all aggressive, just timid, and took treats from him very gently. She does pull on the lead to start but has basic commands. No issues with toys or food with her people. She is muzzled at the vets as a precaution but is fine other than having her nails clipped as she ripped a claw out a while back when chasing a squirrel and has struggled with this since. We are told she is good with children of all ages, however older children only we feel, as at her age she does not need lots of little ones fussing about. Selective with other dogs, but maybe living with a calm older male, may help her to relax and gain more confidence. Sky needs someone to carry...
  6. Tammy

    May I introduce 12 year old Tammy, who does not know how old she is and still thinks she is only 6! She is spayed and vaccinated and microchipped. Will be arriving at Essex kennels next week. Tammy we are told is good with children and other dogs, although not had much socialisation recently. Unknown with cats. A super girl in great condition who loves life and has been in the same home since a pup. Sadly being rehomed as Dad is having to move into sheltered accommodation. Please let’s not let this girl have to go into kennels at her age. Forever or foster home needed urgently. Tammy has been adopted by her foster dad. Beautiful Tammy had a wonderful life in her new home but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge at nearly 15 years of age.
  7. Mischa

    Let me introduce Mischa to everyone. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, since being with us has not had a season so we think she may also be spayed. Sadly Mischa found her self in rescue due to be taken to the vets for immediate euthanasia due to the fact she had lunged at someone and tried to use her teeth, luckily a local rescue stepped up to save her and then asked GSRE as a breed specific Charity to help which of course we did. Once she arrived with us in kennels we found that she was a  nervous girl who had clearly been very under socialised in her early life with people and other animals making her very anxious when put in most situations which answered some questions as to why she may have ended up at the vets. Mischa has been with us now in kennels for over 500 days and believe it or not, no interest at all, no one has enquired about her or ever asked to meet her and we are at a loss as to why this is. Since being with us she has improved so much around people thanks to the staff at...
  8. Kiera

    This lovely lady is 8 year Kiera who is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Kiera was adopted from another rescue 3 years ago and is now having to find a new home as sadly both her mum and dad are suffering from serious health issues and are struggling to cope with 2 dogs. Kiera currently lives with an 11 year male shep. She is fine with dogs and tends to get on with her own thing. Fine with children 10 plus but no young children as her full history is not known and at her age she doesn’t need the stress. A no to cats. Kiera is a gentle and calm lady and adores attention. Good on the led when settled, she has great recall and basic commands. This lady deserves a nice retirement home please where life is calm and she gets loads of tlc. Will make a super companion. The lovely Kiera is now with her new family. The gorgeous Kiera had a long and happy life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  9. Honey

    Have a look at this poor girl, we have named her Honey, she came to us from a pound in a very sad state in both mind and body. She is a very nervous girl and it is obvious she has had skin issues that have been left untreated. She is seeing our vet next week and will receive any treatment she needs. Her skin has settled a little since being with us but there is still some redness there. We do not have any history on her at all so no to children, she is getting braver around other dogs so only time will tell, a no to cats. She needs time to get to know new people as she is still very wary so slow and careful intros are needed. If you think you could offer this girl a quite home to grow in confidence then please let us know. Well…..this lovely girl has been with us now for a round a month and boy what a change in her!! If you loved to be kissed within an inch of your life then step right up as this is the girl for you! She is now so affectionate...
  10. Bailey

    This is Bailey who is a very affectionate 7 year old who is neutered and we are told microchipped. Vaccinations are out of date but he is wormed and flea treated on a regular basis. He is in need of a home through no fault of his own. Due to a recent house move he is being left for longer periods and is reacting with the resident cats and starting to chew himself. He walks well on the lead, has good recall and reaction to voice commands. He will chase livestock and cats of they run but has never attacked. Bailey is very affectionate and love his squeaky toys and cuddly toys. He loves being hoovered and chasing the hose pipe and loves a cuddle. He has no aggression issues with either toys or food and is fine with being handled/brushed. He would love to find a home that can give him more time and attention, regular walks and stimulation as he is a very bright and active dog. His needs are simple but he is unfortunately not getting these at the moment. He is good with children and other dogs and currently lives with a small breed dog and...
  11. Amber

    Say hello to Amber. Amber had a season in Feb 13 but still not spayed. Fully vaccinated and chipped. Beautiful looking girl in desperate need of a new home who can restore some confidence in her as she has become very nervous and fear aggressive of almost everything. Amber is now in foster with about 5 other dogs including Shepherds, spaniels and cross breeds. Amber has had a fair few homes in her short life which has contributed to the lack of confidence she has. She has adapted well to her new home enviroment and we are now very hopeful that she will come along in leaps and bounds and will be able to start life with her new family. The beautiful Amber has a happy life full of love but has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge quite suddenly. Run free Amber.          
  12. Poppy

    This beautiful  girl is 4 year Poppy who is microchipped and vaccinations started. Poppy had a litter of 6 in May so waiting for season history to spay. Poppy came into the rescue, heavily pregnant,  along with 5 other dogs and 3 pups, having been voluntarily surrendered to the council by a breeder who was described as a puppy farmer. The dogs had been found living in sheds and were being neglected in the sense that the owners did not even go up there once a day on many an occasion. Poppy has had at least one litter we know of before.  All dogs have super temperaments and just need some lead training and boundaries put in place. Currently in foster. Can you give Poppy  the home she deserves please? Poppy is staying with her foster home. This beautiful girl has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a short illness. Run free Poppy X
  13. Maddie

    Maddie is 13 years young and arrived with us March 2015. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Maddie is a petite, bright and stunning girl who is keen to learn and thrived considerably at agility and behaviour training classes despite her age. She loves her Kong and having her belly tickled. An incredibly loyal and affectionate girl, Maddie is good with other dogs in general, but in the home wants to be the only dog. A no to cats. Maddie went into a home where she showed she was extremely protective of it, and not happy about visitors coming in. She will need an experienced owner who knows how to handle this or is prepared to separate her from visitors. Maddie came from another rescue so we do not have her full history so would not rehome her with children. Due to her age and some recent health issues Maddie will be staying in our care. Beautiful Maddie peacefully passed over Rainbow Bridge having decided she was very tired and having had a small stroke recently.  
  14. Jazz

    May I introduce Jazz who is a German Shepherd cross. She is about 6 years old. Unknown if spayed. Jazz was picked up as a stray so we have no history on her, therefore older children only. Jazz does not like other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the home. She also did not like the cat at the kennels, so a no to cats. This is what one of our volunteers had to say about her: “Met Jazz yesterday and so friendly. Took in paddocks to start and was very distracted by all going on around! But showed a bouncing tiger interest when threw ball! Great to handle. Girls said strong but think having run off lead a bit before lessened that and mostly my lead was slack. She is strong though. Great with all traffic. Knows commands (sit, paw and down.)  and works for low grade treats. Didn’t batter an inch with gsd kicking off in pen by her! Relaxed girl.” This lovely lady  likes people and just needs a home to call her own please. Can you help Jazz? Jazz has set off to her new home. Beautiful Jazz passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  15. Noushka

    Just have a look at this gorgeous mature lady Noushka, she is 11yrs young, unknown season history, not vaccinated and chipped. This gorgeous girl found herself in the pound after her owner knowing of her whereabouts decided not to collect her…..nice hey! How could we not take her, she has a fantastic temperament with all people and dogs she has met, she will be ok with older children, unknown with cats. Currently in foster and enjoying life to the full. Noushka has been adopted by her foster mum. Noushka has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  16. Hera

    Say hello to Hera, she is 7yrs old, spayed, her vaccinations have been restarted and chipped. Hera and Zennie who live together sadly have to find a new home as their mum is terminally ill and can no longer care for them. We are told Hera is unknown around children, fine with dogs and also cats, never seen livestock. Knows all her basic commands and walks nicely on the lead, no issues with food or toys, can be left with no issues and is fine with visitors in the home. Could you offer this lovely pair a home together? Zennie and Hera have found a wonderful home together. Hera has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  17. Blaze

    May I introduce Blaze who is a GSD cross, but a truly stunning lad with a character to match. Currently with another rescue, he was handed in as his owner was not allowed to keep him in the flat having had him since a pup. Blaze is 7, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. A lovely lad to handle and very gentle, but he is not doing well in kennels and is losing weight from the stress. Previously lived with teenage children who he adored. Loves people in general! Blaze loves to play fetch and has no issues with food or toys. Tends to ignore other dogs but will air snap if a large dog comes too  close into his space. He does chase cats. Can anyone help this sweet, gentle lad please? This gorgeous lad is now settling with his new mum and dad. This handsome buy had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  18. Sasha

    May I introduce Sasha who is not pure GSD. 4 years and spayed, she is microchipped but vaccinations may be out of date. Sasha is good with children and other dogs but a no to cats. Being rehomed due to ill health, this lady is good on the lead and has basic commands. Recall is hit and miss so needs working on! A lovely friendly girl who should fit into most homes, Sasha is fine being left and travels well. How can you resist? Currently in foster. Sasha has now gone to her new home. Beautiful Sasha has passed over Rainbow Bridge having severe arthritis and hip problems.
  19. Ben

    May I introduce Ben who is nearly 5. Currently entire, he is microchipped but his vaccinations have lapsed. Ben was taken in by a family from former friends who were planning on giving him away however they do not have the space to accommodate him long term. Ben is good with children and is currently living with an 8 year old. Very friendly with people. He was fine with other dogs but about a year ago he was attacked in the park and can now be very vocal towards them. Will need some work being resocialised. He does need more lead training however has not been getting as much exercise as is ideal and not currently able to go off lead where he lives.  A no to cats. Ben does seem to be more responsive to men. He loves his ball and apparently sings along with some TV ads! A happy chappy all in all! Ben is now in his new home! Ben has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  20. Honey

    This gorgeous girl is 5 year Honey. She is unspayed but is microchipped. Honey’s current owner rescued her along with another shepherd 8 months ago where they were living in a field. Unfortunately the Council are not happy with his collection of rescued animals in his small property where he is only permitted to have 2 dogs. He has managed to find a home for the other shep but Honey desperately needs a home. Honey is currently living with 2 bull mastiffs. She is a beautiful, placid girl and walked well for our volunteer. We are told she can be a little selective on recall if other dogs are about but knows her basic commands. We are told she can be a bit gobby when meeting new dogs but not dominant or aggressive. She has also lived with a cat and was a cuddle monster for the kittens the cat had. Honey appears in good condition but she is blind in the left eye, the result of being kicked by a horse when younger. Can you please give Honey a home? Honey is now settling into her new home. The beautiful Honey has passed over Rainbow Bridge after many happy...
  21. Shazam

    May I introduce Shazam, who is a 4 year GSD cross. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Shazam is great with people and visiting children. We are also told he is fine with other dogs. He does chase cats. He has come to us from another rescue where he was not settling in their busy environment. A happy, playful lad but not keen on the vets so does have to be muzzled. This lad will fit into most homes with little trouble. Shazam has found himself a new home! Chas aka Shazam has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a mass was discovered.
  22. Zelda

    Zelda is 8 years old and currently unspayed. She has had 4 litters in her life. She is not vaccinated and she is not microchipped but we will get that sorted. We are told Zelda is good with children and other dogs, however she has spent most of her life living outside! Despite the fact the owner had her since a pup, her answer was that she is a farm dog and is happier outside, despite the fact she had 3 other dogs in the house. Zelda now being rehomed because of a divorce! Zelda is a super friendly girl who just wants some tlc and love, and is full of life and love. Can you give Zelda a home please? Zelda has found her forever home. The gorgeous Zelda has had a wonderful life but now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  23. Jake

    May I introduce Jake who is 8 years young. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Jake has been in the same home since a pup and is now being rehomed as his owner has arthritis and is unable to give him the exercise he needs. We are told Jake is good with children and other dogs but he has probably not had much socialisation recently. He barked when our volunteer arrived but then gave a nice greeting and settled down. He did pull on the lead so will need some reminding but has recall and basic commands. No issues with toys or food. Jake can be anxious around loud noises such as the hoover but otherwise is a nice, calm, friendly lad who is in need of a home that can give him the exercise and time he needs. Can you help Jake please? Jake came into foster and was a good boy with the other dogs. The lucky lad has now been adopted. Gorgeous Jake has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge but had a wonderful time to the end and was very much loved.
  24. Harley

    Harley is not a pure GSD. Just 2 years of age, she is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Harley was adopted from us last year but her owners now work full time meaning the dogs are left 6-8 hours every day which Harley is not enjoying. She originally came into us at 1 year of age after her original owners had been evicted. She had been living with young children. This lovely girl is great with people and never been an issue with other dogs. She can get over excited when she meets them. We are told a no to cats but she is ok with horses and does not bark at them. Harley walks nicely with a halti and has basic commands, but recall still needs some work. No issues with toys or food and does love her treats. Harley can open doors so be warned, but otherwise this super young girl would fit in most homes with little fuss. Can you please give Harley a home? Harley went for a short foster break and got herself adopted. Beautiful Harley has sadly gone over Rainbow Bridge after a tragic accident. Her family are heart broken. Run free beautiful girl. X
  25. Noah

    This handsome lad came to us from a pound in Wales where he had been taken in via Social Services. Noah was microchipped and we discovered he is 9 years old, having thought he was about 6 bless him. He came in a terrible state, severely underweight, but the kennels have been helping pile the pound back on. Has had his fist vaccination. This lad has accepted and got on with everyone he has met including dogs. Will take an awful lot to phase this calm gent! Noah would just like a quiet and loving home to retire to please. Noah has bagged himself a super home! Noah had a wonderful 4 plus years with his new home where he was adored but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  26. Kai

    Meet Kai. He is 5yo, neutered, vaccinations are out of date but he is chipped. We are told he is fine with children, ok with dogs as long as they do not show aggression to him, ok with cats in the home. Our assessor found Kai to be a friendly boy who now appears to be unwanted by his owner and needs to find himself somewhere to go as soon as possible. Can anyone help? Kai is now with his new family. This lovely lad, renamed Boris, has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  27. Amy

    This poor lass keeps getting overlooked but has such a loving, sunny nature! Amy was with another rescue and had come in from Ireland so very little is known on her history. She is  4 years and is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Unknown with children so we would only rehome her with older children. Whilst she came in with a young male GSD she was proving to be reactive to other dogs so we took her into foster to assess this situation properly as it may just have been the environment affecting her. So far Amy has been good with most dogs she has met. Not keen on bitches and can be dominant but no major aggression. She has also met a cat and was wary so may well have lived with one in the past. Amy has  never shown any aggression towards people and walks on a harness and slip lead. She does have basic commands and recall is ok so far in the garden.She loves water as her foster mum discovered. Can someone out there give Amy a forever home and a chance please? Amy is now settling in with her new family. Amy had a wonderful time...
  28. Benson

    Benson will be 2 in April and is still entire.  Benson is vaccinated and micro chipped. Benson is brilliant with children of all ages and good with other dogs, currently living with two King Charles. Benson does chase cats. Benson is being re-homed as his owner works full time and whilst he is outside during the day, she knows she cannot give him the time and attention he deserves. Benson is a beautiful and loving dog that would quite happily sit on your lap all day if you let him. Benson does not have a nasty bone in his body. Benson’s favourite game is football! Can you give the gorgeous Benson a home? This lovely young lad has found himself a wonderful furever home through us. Benson has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  29. Tia

    May I introduce Tia who is a 6 year bitch who is spayed and microchipped but vaccinations are out of date. Tia is good with children of all ages, dogs and cats! She has been in the same home since a pup and is only being rehomed as her owner’s work commitments have changed. Tia is never walked on a lead but stays to heel and has recall and all basic commands. No possession issues. She can have a sensitive tum but kept on her routine diet she is fine. Described by our volunteer as, “A totally stunning and gentle girl, bomb proof! They met horses and dogs on their walk with no reaction. Brilliant with children of all ages. Lives with 2 cats and ignores them. Walks without a lead to heel. Walked fine with me on the lead and did not pull at all. Stunnign girl would suit any home.” Sounds too good to miss! Tia has trotted off to her wonderful new home. The gorgeous Tia has sadly gone over Rainbow Bridge after many happy years.
  30. Roxy

    This lovely lass is 10 year Roxy who arrived with us in October 2014. She is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. We were asked to take Roxy in as an emergency case as her owner was unable to keep her. We were told she can be very protective in the home.  Not used to children but good with large dogs. Roxy came in a very scared overweight girl.  She had back muscle wastage due to lack of exercise. Over the course of her time in kennels Roxy has undergone a total transformation in both appearance and character.  She is now looking absolutely stunning! Roxy greets people she knows and trusts with a smile and a very waggy tail. She hasn’t been fazed by horses, donkeys or chickens but is a definite no to cats and care must be taken around small yappy dogs. Roxy really loves to play ball especially boomer ball. However she has no possession issues either of toys or food. Roxy could potentially be protective in a home environment (but that’s a GSD trait).  This can be managed by adopting simple safe strategies for introducing new people to the home. Whilst she is good with other large dogs out...
  31. Macey

    This lovely lady is seven-year-old Macey. Macy came into our possession approximately 3 months ago, and it was clear from her extremely unstablebehaviour that she had been having a hard time. Within the last three months Macy has shown herself to be a very loving, sensitive and caring animal. However her past mistreatment does make her very nervous, and it is essential that any new person or animal is introduced to her with care. If Macey is stressed out or feels threatened she has a tendency to nip. This tendency is rapidly declining as she finds herself in a more loving caring environment, however we have to recommend that until she has stabilised she wears a muzzle when in public places. For those people that Macey trusts, she is your ever loving friend. She loves interactive games of ball or chase with her owner, and loves patrolling her garden, looking for a sparrow or pigeon to chase. She also likes to sit by the front door, looking through the glass and barking at anyone who goes by. Macy loves her walks, but walks best in a more open environment where she can see what’s coming and is not suddenly surprised. Macy would best suit a large property with ample grounds for her to roam in,...
  32. Susie

    Susie is 9 years old and is spayed and microchipped. Vaccinations have been bought up to date. Susie’s owner didn’t want her so she has been in kennels for the last 2 years where he has paid for her boarding. She was supposedly a working dog but was no good at it as she was too friendly. She can sometimes be nervous of strangers and barks but quickly makes friends. She would not live with another dog but is fine out and about on lead, but off lead she can be quite dominant. We are told a no to cats but she ignores horses. Susie is lacking in muscle due to a lack of exercise, but this is being rebuilt up slowly. Susie does not have the greatest hips and is on regular pain relief which seems to be helping at present. This lovely lass needs a retirement home please where she will be the only dog and get some tlc and love out of the kennel environment where she has spent way too long already in her life. Will make a super companion for someone! Susie is staying with her foster home. Susie had the most wonderful home who...
  33. Elsa

    This poor lass is 4 year Elsa. Elsa is unspayed and was not vaccinated or microchipped. Elsa is not used to living with other dogs but had to move in with her owner’s daughter as her mum is in hospital long term, and the daughter’s older bitch and Elsa do not get on. With people, Elsa is a little wary of men at first but very quickly wants cuddles and attention. Unknown with children and cats. Elsa will need lead training but we are told she has recall and some basic commands. Was taken into kennels where they say she is shy and needs lead training but otherwise a lovely girl. Now in foster and settling in with 2 other dogs, a lab bitch and a border collie male. In need of a loving home where she will get some tlc, can you help please? Elsa is now settling into her forever home. One happy girl! The beautiful Elsa had a wonderful life with her family but has now sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  34. Diesel

    Diesel is 5 years neutered and up to date with jabs. Diesel hasn’t had the easiest of starts to life coming from a domestic violence situation but has come on hugely whilst being in foster. He is a bit special and can be too full on for some dogs but is currently living with four others male and female and has other boarding dogs in regularly, he has to be correctly introduced but once he has he simply wants to play. Diesel can’t live with children or cats. He will guard the home but is much better than he used to be and responds well to treat training with this. He walks well on a lead but does get very excited at the beginning of walks, he loves the car and travels no problem. Diesel does have hip dysplasia but is only on seraquin for this and runs around enjoying his walks with no trouble. Diesel needs an experienced owner as he does have some mental scars from previous experiences but he is a lovely lad who just wants to be loved. He would really like another dog in his home to play with and help give him confidence in...
  35. Shelly

    This lovely girl is 8 year young Shelley who is spayed and microchipped but not currently vaccinated. Shelly is fine with older children but not had interaction with younger and probably would rather not at this age. She is good with other dogs, if anything wary, but does not like cats. Shelly is a typical GSD and barks like mad when someone is at the door but soon settles. She does pull on the lead but is good off lead and has recall and basic commands. She loves tennis balls and laser lights! Being rehomed due to owner’s health which means she is unable to give Shelly the exercise she needs. Can you offer Shelly a home please? Shelly is now settling into her new home. Shelley had a wonderful life with her family but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  36. Hugo

    Hugo is 6 years old. He is vaccinated and microchipped. Now neutered. We were asked to take him in by another rescue and this is what we were told: “I have a welfare case at my kennels that has been signed over from owner. He was owned by a family and sadly was mistreated and left out in the yard all his life. Hugo hasn’t had much interaction with people or socialisation within the big wide world. He knows a few commands – sit, paw and other one. He can get frustrated on lead and does at times bite the lead.” Hugo is going to need an experienced home that is aware of the issues he may display and why and be able to manage them. No children. Not sure of other dogs and avoids due to lack of socialisation. May be able to live with a female. Unknown with cats. Do you have the experience and time to show this lad that life can actually be fun? This is what the kennels say about him: “Look at this Chunky boy Hugo his 5 years old spent his life living outside neglected 😢can he start the new year in a forever...
  37. Tyson

    This lovely lad is 5 year Tyson who is neutered, microchipped and we believe vaccinated. Tyson is good with children and other dogs but a no to cats. He has lived with a female Staffy and been with his owners since a pup.  Will need some lead training as he does pull, but our volunteer found him very responsive . Tyson has basic commands and recall when no distractions! The poor lad has suffered from a skin condition which finally seems to have cleared up. He aggravated the situation by chewing the sore spots. Tyson is a sweet lad, not large and a little timid initially. Sadly his owner is losing her home and has nowhere to go where she can take him.  He loves his ball and a good game! This lovely young lad just needs a new home to continue his love and care please! Tyson has trotted off to his new home. At just 9 years old this lovely lad has gone over Rainbow Bridge due to bleeding from his liver.
  38. Shadow

    This handsome man is 8 years young. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Shadow came into us because his dad had to go into residential care due to dementia and Shadow was left home alone since then. The son sadly lived across town so could not visit Shadow often enough, but thanks to neighbours, he has been getting cared for but of course was desperately lonely and depressed, He is safe now in our care. Shadow is fine with children but older only please as he has  not had much interaction with little ones. We are told he is selective about dogs but has been waggy tail with all he has met. A no to cats. Shadow does suffer with Lupus but this is easily managed with drugs and a good diet, and is not majorly expensive. This lad so deserves to be in a home again please and will make someone a wonderful companion. This is what the kennels say about him: “The very handsome, quiet, unassuming, polite and very friendly lad shads,,,,,,, such a dear lad, wants to be close but after spending 7 weeks alone its hardly suprising, lovely appetite, walks beautifully on lead right by your...
  39. Jet

    Jet came into the rescue a nervous young man at the age of 4. In foster he was good with other dogs and the cats. Unknown with children. Jet needed a confident and calm home that could give him the patience he needed. The lucky lad spent 7 wonderful years with his family but now at 11 years of age has passed over Rainbow Bridge. “Our beautiful boy Jet lost his battle against his troubles last night at 18.08. He couldn’t walk and was obviously in considerable distress so the kindest route was a visit to the vet to give him his wings to Rainbow Bridge. Over the last 6 plus years, he has never left our side and If Jet was not allowed somewhere, then we didn’t go!! A troubled lad when we adopted him, he became a loyal, gentle and much loved magnificent boy. He made many friends locally and far afield and was very keen to have a fuss with most people he met. He was calendar boy in January 2015 (the first GSRE calendar) and is also included in Allison and Lizzy’s book!! House is so empty without him. God bless Jet. Gone to join his...
  40. Sambuca

    Leo and his friend Sambuca are both being rehomed as their owner has had a brain haemorrhage and family members are struggling to give them the time and care they deserve. Sambuca is 4 years, spayed and microchipped, but unsure if vaccinated. She is good with children and male dogs but a no to cats. Sambuca is a lovely friendly girl who loves a fuss. She can be a little snatchy with treats but has kind eyes and a loving temperament. She is fairly good on the lead once she has got to the park, and has recall and basic commands. Sambuca can be food aggressive so is fed separately from Leo. Both dogs are well adjusted and obedient and whilst it would be nice to keep them together they are young enough to adjust. Sambuca is now in her new home. Sambuca aka Sammie has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  41. Ice

    This gorgeous young man is 14 month Ice. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Ice is good with older children (not really had any interaction with younger) but can be selective with other dogs and is a no to cats. He does pull on the lead but walks nicely in a gentle leader. Has recall if not distracted and basic commands. Being rehomed as circumstances have changed and his owner is unable to give him the time and attention he needs. Will fit into most homes who are willing to put in the time furthering his training and socialisation. How can you resist? Ice has trotted off to his new home! This gorgeous lad has been taken way too young with nerve problems in his spine. Over Rainbow Bridge now running free.
  42. Juke

    This lovely lad is Juke. He came to us from the pound. He is microchipped but all contact details are out of date! Juke is 7 years old, vaccinations now started and now neutered. We would not rehome Juke with young children as we do not know his history, but he has been absolutely super with all people and dogs he has met so far. Can see this lad settling in pretty well anywhere! Can you give Juke a home please? Juke went to a home for just over 24 hours, where they decided he would not like being left having tested this by leaving him and watching on a camera. Not given a fair chance bless him. Currently in foster. Juke is staying with his foster family who are adopting him! The gorgeous Juke has passed over Rainbow Bridge. His family are devastated saying he never put a paw wrong.
  43. Bailey

    This handsome lad is 4 year neutered Bailey who is microchipped but not up to date on his vaccinations. Bailey is good with children of all ages and greets visitors into his home with a bark, takes them a toy to have a fuss and then just lays down.  He is not good with other dogs or cats but this may be due to a lack of socialisation as he used to live with a Yorkie. Bailey is strong on the lead and is never let off, so training will be needed, but he has basic commands. He is missing out on exercise at present as his owner is struggling to meet his needs with a young baby in the house and hence the reason for rehoming. Described by our assessor as a lovely dog, well behaved in the home, bright eyes and lovely clean coat. His owner is very sad to have to rehomed him but cannot cope alone as her partner has left her and wants the best for Bailey. Bailey just needs an experienced home that can give him the training and socialisation he has lacked and he will make a fantastic addition to your family. Bailey...
  44. Hansel

    Hansel and Gretel are just 9 months old. We were asked to take them in by another rescue to help give them the start to life they had missed out on. They were rescued from an awful situation where they had been left to grow up feral and had no socialisation with anything other than each other. They are both very nervous and scared of daylight where they were kept in dark conditions. Hansel and Gretel arrived at Cornwall kennels a week ago and have already made big steps thanks to Auntie Jan and Uncle Chris.  They are now accepting a slip lead being put on and off, have had off lead exercise with a steady older dog and are learning to be handled. They will both need very special homes that have the experience to be firm with them yet give them the confidence and guidance they need.An older dog to guide them would be ideal. This is what Hansel had to say: “Hi Auntie Lizzy, meet me Hansel. Now listen please, my sister and I would like to thank you very much for taking us in, BUT…… was it really necessary to have us dumped at Auntie Jan...
  45. BB

    This handsome lad is 4 year BB who is currently entire but is vaccinated and microchipped. BB is being rehomed as his owner is moving back home abroad for family and health reasons and whilst would love to take him with them, BB would not be received well! BB is a fluffy big baby once you get to know him, but initially can come across as being aggressive with the noise he makes when you first walk into his home. He is also very protective of his owner and her son. For this reason we would not home him with children. Very well behaved in the home, BB has not been receiving the exercise he needs recently and will require some training and socialisation when out and about. Some of his siblings went off to be police dogs so in the right hands this super lad could make a fantastic addition. BB is settling into his new home with his dad. BB has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge after a wonderful 6 years with his dad.
  46. Honey

    Honey is 4 years and currently unspayed.  She is up to date with her vaccinations and microchipped. Honey’s owner is medically not able to care for her dogs properly which means they have not been out for a proper walk since September last year thus why they are being rehomed. They have been kennelled on her property with outside runs. Unknown with children but never shown any aggression to people. She is unpredictable with other dogs when out but we are told is good with cats and ok with horses. Honey is good on the lead (but may need some reminding) and has recall and is trained to a whistle. A nice friendly girl who just needs to get back on track in a home please. Honey is now settling in her new home. The beautiful Honey has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  47. Sheba

    Another golden oldie looking for a new home, 10yrs young, Spayed, fully vaccinated and we are told she is chipped. The owner tells us she is fine with children and also dogs, lives with a poodle at present, unknown with cats and livestock. Owner is moving to a park home and it’s not that Sheba cannot go it’s because the owner feels she wouldn’t like being inside so much! She hates being in kennels which is where she is now until the 18th Sept for some reason, she loves to have a game of footy but hates thunder and lightening. Can anyone offer this gorgeous older girl a place to call her own please? Sheba is now with her forever family. Sheba lived to a wonderful age of 14 but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  48. Bella

    This lovely lass is Bella who is a 7 year spayed GSD cross Husky. Bella is microchipped but now up to date with her vaccinations. She is good with children, having lived with young children, and is good with other dogs off lead. She has been known to react when on lead.  Bella used to live with a Kings Charles. Unknown with cats but has lived with house rabbits! Only being rehomed due to a marriage breakdown,  Bella is a very friendly lass although will need some lead training as she does pull. She does have recall and basic commands however. Bella will fit into most family homes. Can you help her? Bella has now found her new family! Bella had a wonderful life with her family but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge at nearly 13 years of age.
  49. Samson

    Meet this gorgeous lad that we call Samson. He is 5yrs old, neutered, fully vaccinated and now just needs to be chipped. Not had the greatest of home lifes, very underweight when he came into us and his coat was very matted. Since arriving in kennels everyone who has walked or handled him has fallen in love with him! He is a very friendly boy who seems fine with other dogs on the walks, not cat tested yet. If you think you could offer this boy a place around your table then please get in touch. After moving in to foster care Samson has improved in so many ways so much so that his foster mum cannot bear to part with him! Good luck boy have a great life! x After a happy life Samson has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  50. Zorro

    Zorro is about 4 years old. He came to us from the pound so little known about his history. When he first arrived he was very underweight but already added over 4kg. Now started his vaccinations and will be neutered. We would not rehome with young children. Been fine around dogs at the kennels. Unknown with cats. Zorro is a delightful lad and gets very excitable. He will steal food if given the chance at present but hardly surprising the state he came in. He loves toys and has started small walks to build up his muscle. Will need a GSD experienced home to help him get back on track. Zorro is settling superbly in his new home. Zorro aka Teddy, has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  51. Jack

    Meet the lovely Jack, came to us via the dog warden, quite nervous and scared but what a difference in just a few weeks! We think he is about 3yrs, fully vacs and chipped and soon to be neutered. Jack’s confidence has just kept growing since he arrived and now loves the company of all of our vollies, loves his walks out with the other dogs but will still need further socialising in a new home, no history with children so teenagers only, not cat tested or seen around livestock. A very handsome lad with so much to give if someone will give him that chance. If you have a Jack shaped hole in your life, let us know! Jack is now in foster with 2 other dogs and has now settled well. Jack does need some initial time to get used to new people as he can be very wary to start with. He seems to have had some bad experience maybe with having his lead put on and off so work is being done with him re this and he is doing really well. He is a bright lad who does want to learn. He loves the company...
  52. Baloo

    Baloo is 4 years old. He is neutered, due his booster about now, and microchipped. He has been in the same home since a pup and is now having to be rehomed due to illness in the family meaning his owner has had to move into alternative accommodation where he is not allowed a dog. Baloo has never encountered children, so teenagers upwards only. We are told he is ok with other dogs but will nip if they get OTT and he is selective who he wants to play with. A no to cats and not seen livestock. Baloo is better meeting new people outside of the home. He is currently not left so unknown if he would suffers separation anxiety. This lad walks well on the lead and settles quickly. Has recall when not distracted and basic commands. He is toy and treat orientated. No issues over food or toys. Baloo does have a sensitive tum as many sheps do, but sadly this lad also has elbow dysplasia and secondary arthritis, and while it does not seem to affect him at present, he will need a home who understands he will need management so as not to exasperate these...
  53. Sally

    Say hi to Sally, she came to us after she was taken to the vets to be PTS by her owners for reasons that did not fit the dog we have with us today. When she first arrived she was totally switched off and withdrawn in her out look on everything but over the last few weeks she has really started to come out of herself and enjoy life which is great. She is around 2/3yrs, chipped, season history unknown, we are told fully vaccinated but still trying to locate her card. She has been great around everyone she has met so far, not known with children so teenagers only, will need to be the only dog as she does show some signs of telling other dogs to stay away , this could be down to lack of earlier socialising but this will need working on, no to cats. Sally is not enjoying her time in kennels in that she finds it very noisy and this is making her anxious so does need out as soon as for her to progress. If you think you can offer her the pet free home she needs then please do get in touch....
  54. Tasha

    This stunning lady is 5 year Tasha who is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Tasha was adopted by her current owners 2 years ago from another rescue but they have struggled with her dislike of children and some adults. No previous history known on her so can only imagine children have annoyed her in the past. They are now struggling to walk her and have themselves in a vicious circle where they are nervous of her reactions, which is no doubt making her more protective on the end of the lead. When in the kennels previously, she was attending training classes and none of these issues were apparent. Tasha has no possession issues over food or toys and whilst she appears aggressive when protecting, has never bitten. She is good with other dogs but being a bitch, typically can be dominant, and was living with other dogs when in foster for the previous rescue. No to cats. Tasha just needs an experienced GSD home without children that can get her back on the straight and narrow understanding she does not need to be the protector and should just enjoy life being a dog. Tasha has set off to her new home....
  55. Max

    Max is 9 years young and arrived with us on July 2017. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We were asked to take Max in after his dad died and his mum could not cope with him due to her own medical problems. We are told he is fine with visiting people in the home, including the grandchildren, and lived happily with a JRT. Max is fine with other dogs at the kennels and out walking however when he has gone into a home he has been ‘bossy’ about what he likes and dislikes and becomes very strong when out walking in response to other dogs. Max’s ideal home is a rural area where he would be the only dog and could have land of his own rather than having to be walked on the lead. He will need a firm but fair owner to keep him in his place. Max passed over to Rainbow Bridge peacefully in his sleep.      
  56. Millie

    May I introduce the rather stunning Millie. Millie is 4 years and spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She has actually come from another rescue where she had been returned after 9 months as she nipped a neighbour. The full story is not known but from all accounts there was no damage done. We would not rehome Millie with children as we do not know her full history. She is currently in foster with other dogs with no problems. Unknown with cats. Millie is a big girl who had not been getting much exercise in her last home so is on a diet and workout! This lovely fluffy girl has shown us nothing but affection and would make a super addition to an adult home with or without other dogs. Can you give Millie a forever home please? Millie is in a home of her own again. Millie has passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  57. Cleo

    Meet Cleo, she is 4yrs old, still entire, her booster is due now and she is chipped. We are told she is fine with children, needs more work around other dogs and a no to cats and livestock as she will chase. Is ok on the lead when settles and does have some recall, knows her basic commands. She is currently having issues in the home with the other bitch that lives there so needs to find herself another home maybe with a confident male or by herself. Could you be the home for Cleo? Cleo is now over Rainbow Bridge.
  58. Shylow

    May I introduce Shylow who is a GSD cross Malamute. She is 8 years old and is microchipped. Vaccinations are out of date. Shylow is having to be rehomed due to a house move to a flat in London. She is good with children of all ages and large dogs (does not like small yappy dogs), and cats! She used to live with a Collie. Shylow does pull on the lead to start but then settles down. Has recall and basic commands. Good at the vets and travelling, and is fine being left for 3-4 hours. No issues with food or toys. Shylow started life on a farm and has suffered with a few hot spots which may have been caused by the move to an urban life. They are being treated and under control. This super friendly girl would love a home where she can get lots of exercise as she is very active and playful. Are you her home? Shylow has headed off to her new home. Shylow has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a few years of a wonderful life with her family.
  59. Darcey

    May I introduce Darcey who is coming up to 6 years old. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Darcey came to us from another rescue having been handed in because she attacked a small dog. She has lived with children and other GSD’s with no problem. Has basic commands and loves a tennis ball. We are also advised she may lick you to death!! A definite no to cats. Darcey has not got the greatest back end in the world but would love a home of her own again please, where she can love her people again. Can you help Darcey? Darcey has set off to start the next chapter in her life! Another girl taken too soon by the dreaded C, but Darcey was loved to the end and is now over Rainbow Bridge.
  60. Loki

    Form an orderly queue people and have a look at this stunner. This is our Loki, 7yrs old this year, semi long coat, neutered, fully vacs and chipped. Loki has in the past suffered with Anal Furunculosis but with recent course of meds he is now in remission and hopefully will stay that way for some time. Full support will be given to his new owner in regard to his condition. This boy gets on with all the dogs he currently lives with, sheps, JRT, Staffie X, 3 cats, 2 ponies and a horse. He is such a happy dog  at all times and a pleasure to have in your home. He does sometimes have a bit of a sensitive tummy but has been doing really well on Royal Canin. Whoever gets this boy will indeed be very lucky! The lovely Loki has his forever home! The gorgeous Loki had a wonderful home and family but had now passed over Rainbow Bridge.

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