In memory of those who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Mia

    This gorgeous girl is 4 year Mia who is currently unspayed but is vaccinated and microchipped. Mia is good with children of all ages, dogs and cats in the home. She is a very friendly girl and gets excited to meet new people. Good on the lead, and good recall Mia is only being rehomed due to her owner’s terminal illness. Our volunteer described her as a wonderful example of the breed. Mia is food orientated and will steal food if left unattended but we all have to have at least one naughty habit! This gorgeous girl deserves a super home! Mia now has a new family to call her own! Mia had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge as old age took over.
  2. Rosa

    Rosa was rehomed by us in 2017 and this was her history: “This lovely girl is Rosa who is about 3 years old. Rosa came to us from the pound so we have no history for her. She is vaccinated and microchipped but unknown if spayed. Rosa loves people but we would not rehome with younger children. So far she has reacted badly to all dogs she has met so will need an experienced and calm owner who can continue to work through this problem. Has obviously had training in the past as she has a good range of commands. Can you give Rosa a calm and confident home to help this girl really enjoy life to the full please?” Sadly Rosa is having to be rehomed as she managed to dig under the fence into next door’s garden and catch and kill their cat. Rosa is great with people and children of all ages but needs a pet free home as she tolerates other larger dogs but does not like small dogs. Our volunteer described her as adorable and very treat and ball orientated. Rosa is now coming up to 9 years of age but does not act it!...
  3. Hazel

    This little girl came to us from the pound and she was scared of her own shadow, really didn’t want any interaction from anyone, she had gone into shut down. We think she is around 4/5yrs no season history, vaccinated and chipped. Well……after only a week with us we have found her on button and she is a different dog!! Apparently she will do anything if you give her a bum scrub!! Such an affectionate girl who loves everyone she has met, will need more doggy socialising, a no to cats, will be fine around older children. Will need further training but willing to learn, walks well on the lead. Can anyone give this girl the home she deserves. Beautiful Hazel has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a wonderful life.
  4. Clyde

    May I introduce Clyde who is 4 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We took Clyde in from a rescue in Kent who felt he would have more of a chance with a breed specific rescue. Clyde was originally a police case dog and was with them for six months during of ongoing enquiries. Basically he was left on site when owner was arrested. Clyde was then signed over for rehoming and he stayed with the rescue for another three months. He found a home with an elderly lady who had him approximately a month but she had to give up on him as she decided he was too much. This may be because everyone believed he was 7 but in fact this was an estimate and his original microchip (which is down his leg) states he is only 4! Clyde can live with a female dog and is social with males. He is quite a large lad, has basic commands and very intelligent. Always been clean in his kennels and travels well. Very affectionate towards humans, and he would be fine with older children. Now in foster. Can you give Clyde a home please? Clyde is now settling in his...
  5. Gus

    Gus came to us as a stray into our Essex kennels just before Christmas, he moved our Cheshire kennels in February he is 7 years old, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Since being with us he has shown he knows the basic commands so it appears someone has put some work in with him. He is an independent boy but once he knows you he is affectionate, he loves to play ball and would do this for hours if he could. He is a real water baby, loved the hydro pool but also loves muddy puddles. Since arriving at GSRE kennels he has shown no aggression to any of the kennel staff or volunteers. He did show some food aggression around his bowl when he first arrived but this has diminished and is fine when left alone to eat in peace. He takes treats nicely and when given high value treats in his kennel he takes them off to his bed to eat alone. He walks well on lead, he has been walked using a Gencon headcollar by some volunteers and whilst out he has seen joggers, cyclists, walkers, and horse riders with no reaction. He does react to some...
  6. Navajo

    Navajo was born on 17.3.16. This lovely little girl came into the rescue with her brother and sister having been removed from what the council described as a puppy farm. She had an owner lined up already so we worked with her new owner and the breeder and she is now happily living in Jersey. The beautiful Navajo life was way too short. The dreaded C took over her body and at the age of just 6 she has gone over Rainbow Bridge. Run free with your mum Crystal beautiful girl x
  7. Gizmo

    This gorgeous lad is Gizmo who is 8 years young. Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Gizmo came to us from another rescue where he was stressed in kennels and was losing weight. We would not rehome Gizmo with young children as we do not know his full history. He has been absolutely fine with all other dogs he has met. Gizmo is a very lively, playful and energetic lad, and loves his ball. Very loving and kissy! This lad just needs an experienced home that understands about introducing people into the home correctly. Would happily live with another dog or two, and rather likes them! Gizmo really needs a rural home where he has the walks and space to be able to run off lead. This is what his foster mum has to say about him: “Gizzy (he comes to this willingly!) came to stay in foster with us about 8 weeks ago. He quickly settled in with my two dogs and once he had found his paws very quickly became an affectionate and chilled out boy. I co-host a group walk in our area and Gizzy has been attending them from the very first week he landed with us, and...
  8. Honey

    Have a look at this gorgeous older girl we collected from the pound recently. She is stunning and so friendly. Now in a foster home where she belongs homely being adopted soon. Honey has been adopted. The beautiful Honey did not have long in her home as it was discovered she had multiple pancreatic tumours. She has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  9. Tyson

    May I introduce Tyson who is a 10 year old a Belgian Shepherd Malinois. We could not say no to this poor fella after being contacted by Social Services who were as concerned about the dog as they were the rest of the family. Tyson had been with them since a pup. Entire, no chip, no vaccinations. He spent most of his life shut in a cage that wasn’t even big enough for him, hence the chewing of his fur. Tyson has been with us 2 weeks now and you can see the difference in him from the photos. His vaccinations have been started, he is now microchipped and neutered and of course putting weight on, and most importantly, he has learnt to smile about life again. Tyson is used to children but would probably appreciate a quieter home now. Been fine with the dogs he has met and would probably live happily with a mature bitch. Met the cat at the kennels and wanted to play with it! This lovely lad would just like a retirement home please where he can spend the rest of his life being a dog in a happy and calm environment. Tyson is staying...
  10. Billy

    Have a look at this lovely lad, his name is Billy and he recently arrived with us from the dog pound. We think he is about 4yrs old, he will be starting his vaccinations again, he is chipped and neutered. Our Vollie at the kennels who has been working with Billy tells us he is great with all people he has met so far and seems to be fine around other dogs. He did see a cat and showed some interest but no aggression. No history with children. More updates on this lad to follow but if you think Billy could be the one for you then please get in touch! Beautiful Billy who was renamed Luka has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge with his family at his side.
  11. Simba

    Simba is a GSD cross Collie who will be 2 in August. He is neutered and we are told up to date with his vaccinations and he is microchipped. He is being rehomed as his owner has grandchildren moving in with them and sadly one of the grandchildren has done something to Simba (the child will not tell what) that has meant he is now intolerant of them and has to be kept separate when visiting. Simba greeted out volunteer with a typical bark but no further reaction. Needs more proper socialisation with other dogs as at present he is not confident so in the wrong situation could react in the wrong way. Walks nicely on the lead and has good recall and basic commands. Guards toys from other dogs but no issues with humans ever seen. Our volunteer describes Simba as being a well raised and well cared for young lad. He will chase cats and birds but is fine with horses. A beautiful dog, lovely temperament and could be a dream dog in a child free home. Needs a home who also understands the collie side of him means he can be fixated on things but this can...
  12. Milo

    Meet Milo, he is 20 month old, not yet neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Milo suffers with some nervous aggression issues at home and out walking. He will bark at new people and lunge towards them, new intros will need to be done with a muzzle to ensure all parties stay calm and confident which can then be passed on to Milo. He currently lives with a cat who he is fine with but like all other dogs will bark at cats outside the home. Milo is raw fed and is allergic to chicken. No possession issues with food or toys. Knows all his basic commands and has ok recall. Milo needs a confident home with Gsd experience of dealing with NA dogs, this lad needs confidence along with training to settle him into a new home. We have been informed by Milo’s owner that he has sadly passed over the bridge.
  13. Jessie

    This little lass is 4 year Jessie who came to us from the pound where her time was up. She is a GSD cross  as you can see. Unknown if spayed. Been vaccinated and microchipped. Jessie was described by the kennels as a real sweetie. Doesn’t take up much space! Now in foster with 6 other dogs of all shapes and sizes of sex. She was quite nervous leaving the kennels but seems pretty chilled back in a home environment. Also good with cats! She loved the cat at the kennels. Can someone give this gorgeous little pocket rocket a home please? The lovely Jessie has found her forever home! Beautiful Jessie had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  14. Maximus

    This stunning young fella is 19 month Maximus who is GSD cross Ridgeback.  His current owner has had Maximus since a pup at 10 weeks of age. Maximus is entire but is vaccinated and microchipped. He is good with children of all ages and other dogs and currently lives with a JRT bitch. Maximus will need a home that can continue his training as he does still pull on his lead at times but does know basic commands and has recall. This lovely lad is only being re-homed due to a relationship breakdown and although his dad loves him dearly knows it is not fair for him to keep him as it means he will be left 10 hours a day when he starts his new job. Maximus would really like to be a lap dog! Can you resist that face? Maximus now has a new family who have got much more time to give this gorgeous young man. Maximus had a long and happy life with his family but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  15. Skii

    May I introduce Skii who has just arrived with her daughter Mulan. Skii is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois She is just 11 years old. Skii is vaccinated and microchipped but unspayed and has been used for breeding in the past and we are told has had a few litters. We do not know much about her history other than they went into kennels in November 2019 while their owners sold their house in the UK and sorted their new home in Spain. The dogs were meant to follow. They moved to Spain in January and finally took 2 of their dogs in March, but never came back for Skii and her daughter. No young children and no other pets as Ski is dog aggressive. She did used to live with her daughter but started attacking her a few months back so they will definitely be rehomed separately. Skii is lovely with people and still has bundles of energy but is on Meloxidyl. This older lady should not be in kennels but living out her retirement in a home please. Can you help? Skii is staying with the rescue and has found herself a super long term foster home. Beautiful Skii...
  16. Merlin

    Cast your eyes on this lovely older lad. We recently took him in from the local dog warden as he had been dumped and ended up in stray kennels. He is still entire for now, fully vaccinated and chipped. Merlin has recently gone into foster care and is at last enjoying some home comforts that he so deserves! Merlin has been adopted. The handsome Merlin has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  17. Wurzel

    Wurzel is 7 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. This lad came to us with his son (they don’t get on) from another rescue who asked for more breed specific help.  Both dogs came from living in a yard, having been tethered, possibly used as a deterrent to intruders. Wurzel is really responsive to training and good with commands etc. He was mouthing when he first arrived with the other rescue, but will carry a toy which stops him doing this. Good with other dogs (as long as they don’t take his toys). No young children as history unknown. Would probably be happy living with a bitch. Can you give Wurzel the home he deserves please? Wurzel is finally in a home of his own. Wurzel renamed Sirius, has passed over Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13.
  18. Bodie

    This handsome lad is 6 year old Bodie. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He was taken to the vets to be put to sleep because his owners couldn’t cope with him, but the vets rang us for help as there is nothing wrong with this lad. The kennels describe him as unassuming, loving, kind hearted, extremely clean and well behaved. A little shy at first. Very thin when he first came in but putting on weight now steadily. Bodie likes to play but gently, and prefers to just be close and loved. Bodie has been fine around the other large dogs at the kennels. Older children only purely as we do not know his full history, and unknown with cats. Could you give this poor lad a second chance please? Bodie is settling into his new home. Bodie who was renamed Bear has passed over Rainbow Bridge after some wonderful years with his family.
  19. Olly

    Olly is 5 years old, neutered and microchipped but vaccinations may need bringing up to date. He has not had any interaction with young children so we would only rehome him with older children. He can be ok with larger dogs but does not like small dogs or cats at all but does live with another dog. Can come across as very in your face when you first go into his home, but our volunteer sat down and ignored him and he soon made friends for some liver cake. Olly will need some lead training as he does pull and seems to walk best on a halti. Recall is hit and miss but does have some basic commands. Olly is only being rehomed as his owner is having to move into accommodation where he is not allowed. Our volunteer described him as a really lovely dog who is just a little sensitive and misunderstood. In the right hands he will make a cracking lad! Olly has been rehomed! Handsome Olly had over 6 wonderful years with his family before passing over Rainbow Bridge.  
  20. Louise

    This lovely lass is Louise who came in with another bitch, Thelma. The girls are both 5 years of age we are told but little else is known about them including their original names. Thelma and Louise’s dad died and were found to be living on his smallholding in Wales. Both girls are now spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and as you can see from the photos, fresh from the grooming parlour! We believe they lived outside. Unknown with children so older children only. Quite dominant with other dogs and do not like small dogs! Neither girls knew what a lead was but have come on leaps and bounds. These girls would benefit from homes of their own.  They will need experienced and patient homes that can teach them all about life in the world. Since arriving in our kennels Louise has come on so well, still quite nervous of new people but when she gets to know you she too is a loving girl but will need time to adjust into a new family. She also has a sensitive tummy but is fine with chicken based meals. Are you that special home? Louise is now in her new home. Another...
  21. Bear

    Have a look at this lovely older girl. Came to us as a stray, lovely around all People she has met, fine to walk alongside other dogs, unknown with cats or young children. Now in foster keeping her paws crossed it’s forever! Bear has been adopted. Gorgeous Bear may not have had long in her loving home but passed over Rainbow Bridge knowing she was loved.
  22. Levi

    Meet Levi, 3yrs neutered male, fully vaccinated and chipped. This gorgeous young lad found his home life turned upside down and locked in his house for over 26hrs not knowing what was going on, but thankfully his vigilant neighbours were looking out for him and called us and here he is. This lad is good with everything and everybody, he currently lives with a gsd bitch who he loves, has made friends with all other dogs he has met, had an introduction to family cats and no reaction at all. Fine with children and just loves everyone he meets. Can anyone offer this lad a forever home as he sure does deserve one! Levi is now in a super home of his own. The beautiful Levi had a wonderful long and happy life with his family but has now paced over Rainbow Bridge coming up to 12 years of age.
  23. Minnie

    Have a look at this lovely little girl, we named her Minnie as she is a tiny girl but boy does she have a big voice! We think she is around 2yrs, not known if spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. She likes to start all her walks off with some lovely singing but we are training her now to save the singing for a special occasion. She has been fine around dogs on her walks, not keen on cats, but seems to love all people she has met so far. A real sweetie who so deserves so much more than life has dealt her so far! Beautiful Minnie has passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  24. Jazz

    Jazz is about 4 years old. She is microchipped. Unknown if spayed. This lovely girl came to us from the pound so her history is unknown. No young children because of this. Has been fine with other dogs at the kennels but need to find out more on her re socialising. The warden told me that she needs a home that can restore her faith in people, and from the look in her eyes, I can see what he means. Can you open your heart and home to Jazz please? Jazz has found her forever home. Beautiful Jazz has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  25. Faith

    May I introduce Faith who is approaching 10 years of age. Faith came into us in season so can be spay in July. She is microchipped and her vaccinations have been started. We were asked to take this lovely girl in after her owners had taken her to the vets to be put to sleep. Why; because they had got a new and younger dog and because Faith did not accept her immediately (bearing in mind she was in season as well), she was now longer wanted! Faith has been lovely with everyone she has met so far. Would probably prefer older children. Has not reacted to any dogs she has seen at the kennels but obviously not able to fully socialise at present. Unknown with cats. Please give Faith the home she so deserves. Faith is staying with her foster home. Faith passed over Rainbow Bridge at a grand old age.
  26. Zeus

    Grumpy old man alert – Spent the last 8yrs living in a yard, hardly enough food to survive on, no company, nowhere safe or warm to sleep. He is chipped, not vaccinated and still got his crown Jewells! On first arriving he was understandably a little grumbly as he had met very few people in his 8yrs but with some tasty treats he started to think that we might not be that bad after all. Everyday he is getting less wary and we have actually caught him playing with the toys we gave him which made us want to cry! Not sure he will ever adapt to living in a home so currently chilling out at the quiet kennels in Cornwall. Zeus had really come out of his shell and loved his Auntie Jan for cuddles. Sadly he has passed over Rainbow Bridge. Absolutely no signs of anything wrong with him, he had a normal day, had eaten all his meals, but when Auntie Jan went up to the kennels last night for last let out, he was curled up in his bed and had gone. Run free Zeus.
  27. Sadie

    And yet another black Ninja girl looking for her forever home. Sadie is almost 3, now spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. Sadie went briefly into foster with another bitch but was too dominant and tried to bully the other girl who was very submissive so this did not work. She did seem fine around the chickens and cats and I am sure may be fine with a male dog. Not seen her with children so older ones only. Sadie can be a little territorial but nothing that cannot be worked with. Our assessor found her lively bouncy pup who wanting some attention, she will obviously need ground rules but all in all she is a lovely girl looking for her new home. Could this be you? Sadie has now left rescue to start her new life! Sadie has a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.        
  28. Max

    Max will be 4 in April. He is now neutered and he has now been microchipped and his vaccinations restarted. Max has come into the kennels as his owners are struggling with him. He is unknown with children and other dogs, however he happily lives with, and submits to the resident Yorkie. He does bark at other dogs when out, but seems more fear than anything else.  He apparently has never seen a cat. Max has been in his home since a pup and has missed out on so much socialisation which makes him nervous aggressive when he comes across things he is not sure about, including meeting new people.  Settles on the lead and has basic commands, but rarely let off lead so recall will need establishing. No issues over food or toys. Max needs an experienced and confident home that can work with his nervous aggression by getting him socialised and making him understand there is nothing to be fearful of. Sadly his owners were very tense with him, expecting him to do something, so of course things were just going round in a vicious cycle. May well benefit from having an older bitch around who can give...
  29. Wilson

    May I introduce Wilson who is just 1 year old. He is microchipped and we are told vaccinated and now neutered. He has been with the same family since a pup but they do not feel they can manage him long term. We are told Wilson is not good with children, and unknown with dogs and cats, however will chase squirrels so would say no to cats! Only used to be being left a few hours and is crated when left.  Doesn’t like getting in the car but settles once in. Wilson has no boundaries or lead training  but is slightly better with a harness we are told as he is a lead grabber. Selective recall. This poor young lad also suffers with skin allergies and does not like the vets which does not help. There have been a couple of biting incidents, one was the nurse at the vets when being sedated but they do not hold it against hime, and another was when he was asleep and his dad stroked him which may have made him jump. There was also an incident with a hose pipe. Wilson will need a very calm and confident GSD experienced home that...
  30. Justice aka Jess

    Well what can I say about this gorgeous older girl. We were asked to Justice in from the same place as Kea and Karma (and the same original owner). She is coming up to 10 years old and is a Mali cross. She is microchipped and vaccinations are being restarted, but not spayed as far as we are aware. Justice loves people and is super friendly and happy. She is slightly overweight and stiff on her back end however we are putting her on a daily Metacam and she would probably benefit from Yumove Plus as well. We are told she is not keen on other dogs but happily said hello to all the other dogs at the kennels and got quite excited when she saw Kea and Karma. Justice would love a retirement home where she can just love and be loved please and how can you say no to this super happy girl! Justice has bagged herself a super long term foster home! Justice who was renamed Jess, may not have had long in her forever home, but the time she had was full of fun and love. Sadly she developed a mammary tumour very quickly which spread...
  31. Sonny

    Sonny is a 3 year neutered male. He is vaccinated and chipped. Sonny is ok with other dogs with careful introduction but needs a child free home. Sonny needs an experienced owner who can keep his respect and in return he walks well on the lead, does agility and tracking! Very ball orientated. Only being rehomed as his mum is now on her own and living in a flat and suffering from ill health. In kennels Sonny appeared snappy when first meeting new people but once walked seems fine with them. He has shown no aggression over food or towards other dogs and is very clean in his home. Now in foster, he has settled in with the resident bitch. Can you give Sonny a home? Sonny is staying with his foster home. Sonny had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  32. Ava

    May I introduce Ava who is 9 years young, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Ava came in with Hettie after we were asked by the police if we could take them in to relieve some pressure off a family on their patch. They are both good with other dogs and have lived with children. Unknown with cats. This is what the kennels have to say: “Really lovely girls, quiet, extremely friendly with everyone and all the dogs. Love spending time together but also like their own space and peace. Ava likes to talk while yawning. Very unassuming ladies.” Can you give one of these girls a home please? Ava is now settled in a super home. Beautiful Ava who was known as Hettie,has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a wonderful few years with her family.
  33. Jerry

    This lad is about 4 years old. Vaccinations started, microchipped and being neutered. Jerry came to us from the pound so nothing known of his history. He is quite nervous meeting new people, especially men, but will cower away rather than show aggression. Once he knows you though he is a lovely lad. Been fine out walking with other dogs. Unknown with cats. Older children only as we do not know his history. Can you give Jerry a home please? Jerry is now starting his new life! The gorgeous Jerry has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  34. Amber

    Amber is 8 years old. She is spayed and microchipped but vaccinations are out of date. Being rehomed as her owner’s working hours have increased and a member of the family is unwell. Amber is absolutely fantastic with people and adores the grandchildren that visit but does have an issue with other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the home. She does however live with 2 other dogs with no problems. She used to be fine out on group walks but has lacked doggie socialisation for a number of years so this would need to be reworked on. Other than pulling towards other dogs, she is good on the lead and has excellent commands. Does have a high prey drive so a no to cats. This super girl deserves a retirement home where she will get the time and attention she deserves so please contact us if you can give Amber that special home. Amber has been adopted. Beautiful Amber had a wonderful last few years but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  35. Rex

    This happy chap is Rex who is 7 years old. He came in entire and we had to get some weight on him before neutering which has now been done. He is microchipped and vaccinated. Rex came to us after a court case having nipped a cyclist. He was living with owners that kept him in a cage outside, and when allowed out, their property had no gate. Rex had followed one of the smaller dogs out and got excited chasing a group of them. We are told the cyclist did not want to take action, however it was the perfect chance to have him removed. Apart from arriving extremely thin, with no back end muscle, his coat was in a terrible state and his skin had to be treated from what appeared to be a previous flea infestation. Rex is now in foster with other dogs and has slotted in with no problem at all. He loves to be with people as attention is something he has sorely missed out on, so a home where people are around please and the company of other dogs would be ideal. His foster mum describes him as a sweetheart with no malice...
  36. Cole

    Meet Cole, he is 5yrs old, not neutered, fully vaccinated we are told and chipped. The owner tells us he is ok with older children, can be selective with dogs especially when on the lead and apparently he is ok with cats. Loves going out in the car, has lived with 2 medium sized dogs in the past, fine to be left as far as chewing goes. Knows all his basic commands and is walked on a halti. He does spend a lot of time outside as his owner says he gets too hot?! Our assessor was greeted by a friendly dog who appears huge but it’s mostly hair! He was in good condition, has suffered with a couple of ear infections which have been treated. Can you offer this lad a second chance? Cole has now been adopted. Cole has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  37. Flash

    Flash is now 4 years of age. Not full GSD we believe. Flash was taken in from the pound so we had no history on him. He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Flash is a very lively, very excitable young man, who does not seem to have been given any boundaries. Loves playing with other dogs but plays like a rugby tackler which can be intimidating. Too boisterous to live with young children but loves people and being cuddled in between rugby tackle games with you if no dogs to play with. This can come across as aggression if you are not expecting it, so he needs a strong, experienced home who can work with this. Flash will need an active home that can give him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He will need to be taught many things, walking nicely on the lead, boundaries in the home, but could be a fantastic project for someone who wanted to do something like agility. Flash went for a short foster break and this is what his foster dad had to say about him: “Flash has real personality and is full of mischief but it is just to demand attention.  He...
  38. Nora

    This lovely lady is Nora who was picked up as a stray in Southampton. We believe she is about 6 years of age. She came into the council infested with fleas and with bad ears, both of which are being treated. Vaccinations have been started and she is now microchipped. Unknown if spayed but doubtful. Nora has no malice in her whatsoever and loves people. She just wants to be with you. Fine with other dogs and seems laid back about most things. A super companion for someone who is around most of the time and would fit into most homes. Can you give Nora the life she deserves please? Nora is staying with her foster home. Nora had over 4 years of bliss with her foster dad but has now sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge
  39. Saxon

    Well what can we say about young Saxon? Saxon was taken from a family who could not cope with him. We were told he was not accepting the young child and was aggressive to other dogs to name but a few of his faults. Saxon was taken in by one of our foster homes who have had no problems with him. Saxon was nervous when meeting their other dogs but quickly settled down, and has shown no signs of aggression. Saxon was still mouthing which foster mum saw was being encouraged by his former owner and has quickly put a stop to that! Saxon is learning his manners well and the only thing foster mum does get cross with him over is when he steals the tv remote! Saxon is 18 months and neutered. This gorgeous young man is staying with his foster family! The beautiful Saxon has passed over Rainbow Bridge.    
  40. Micha

    This gorgeous girl is Micha who is 8 years old, not that you would know it. Unknown if spayed but vaccinated and microchipped. Came from the dog warden so not much known about her, but this is what they had to say: “What a gorgeous girl micha is. She was reactive on the way out of kennels to the other dogs but just what I would class as a shepherd mouthing off. Bless her. Really good to handle. Let me touch her all over with no issues. She knows basic commands sit down paw stay. I ran around a bit and tried a little rough play she was really gentle and showed no interest in mouthing me. I then played with some tennis balls with her. She has a lovely exchange and loves to play ball. She has a good focus on her so worked a little on watch me. Then on the way back into kennels she focuses on me and food and didn’t react at any dogs”. Currently in kennels she has settled well. Micha is now in a home of her own. The beautiful Micha has passed over Rainbow Bridge at nearly 14 years of age.
  41. Amber

    This gorgeous girl is 3 year Amber who is currently unspayed. Had a season in September so can be spayed December. Vaccinations out of date but is microchipped. Amber is good with children, other dogs and cats! Very friendly with people. Does pull on the lead to start and could do with some further training but has recall and knows sit and come. Only being rehomed due to a relationship breakup which means mum cannot give her the time with young children to also care for. Our volunteer said she appeared a little nervous of meeting him for 20 seconds but ended up sitting on his lap for cuddles! A very gentle girl who just wants to have fun. This girl really will fit in just about anywhere! Amber has trotted off to her new home. Amber has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a wonderful life.
  42. Willow

    Say hello to Willow, 22 months old, spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. We were told she is no good around young children but ok with teenagers, can be selective around dogs which will need working on, a no to cats and livestock. Willow has lived with another dog previously with no given problems. Can be lead reactive when meeting dogs out on a walk which will need working on, has ok recall if no distractions. Willow has a sensitive tummy but seems to be settled on a fish diet. She had surgery back in February 2020 for elbow dysplasia which was a success and vet was happy with result, we will gain vet history for any new owners vet to see. She also is thought to have IBD hence her sensitive tummy which is currently being managed but I imagine any changes will cause a flare up. There are clearly some anxiety issues with Willow so having an owner at home most of the time will help to minimise stress. Sadly without our knowledge Willow was pts, rest in peace baby girl.
  43. Darcy

    This lovely young girl is Darcy. She came to us from the pound as a stray so little is known of her past history. About 18 months. Since being in kennels we have found her to be a very friendly girl with more energy than you can imagine, she is always so happy to see you and shows it. Fully vaccinate and we have chipped her and also wormed to date. No season history known. She has been fine with the dogs she has met at the kennels and is living with another male and cats happily in foster at present. Foster dad is really pleased in how this girl has come on leaps and bounds. A loving little girl just needing someone to take her on and show her how good life can actually be, is this you? The gorgeous Darcy is now with a family of her own. Beautiful Darcy who was known as Kira, had a wonderful life with her family but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.    
  44. Cheri

    Cheri is a 5 year old spayed girly who is fully vaccinated. Cheri had been kept outside all her life but had the companionship of a male dog until recently when he escaped and got run over. She had no socialisation with the outside world at all so was totally unknown with people, kids dogs and cats. The owners say she is quite possessive about her toys but this may be due to spending so much time on her own. She was in desperate need of some grooming as well poor girl. Cheri was taken into our kennels where it took 2 weeks before she would come out. She then let a number of the staff handle her and started to show her softer side. She does like her toys but does not like giving them back. Cheri has now also met a couple of volunteers and been absolutely fine and recently went out for her first public walk with a couple where she behaved impeccably with everyone she saw and met. This lovely girl will need an experienced and calm home who will need to continue introducing everything to her steadily and she will need time to adjust.In the...
  45. Hank

    This gorgeous young man is Hank who is about 18 months old. Now microchipped, vaccinations started and booked in to be neutered. Hank came to us from a pound and after a well earned bath has come up looking fantastic! Hank is described as being a shy boy. He loves treats and takes them very gently. No aggression, just wariness until he knows you and then you see the cheeky side of him. Hank is good on a lead and has basic commands. No young children as we do not know his history. Not yet been socialised with other dogs but no major problems seen in the kennels. This lad just needs a home that can give him the training and socialisation a dog of his age needs. Am sure he will turn out to be a fabulous addition. Hank, now called Red, is very happy with his new home and family. The handsome Red has passed over Rainbow Bridge too soon but was very much loved.
  46. Thai

    This young man is 18 months and entire and is called Thai. We do not know a lot about him yet as he came to us from the pound but he is very friendly. Thai is quite unruly and pulls on the lead so obviously has not been given the boundaries and training he should have had. He barks at other dogs but with no aggression and does listen and should learn fairly quickly. A lovely lad that just needs a chance. The lovely Thai is now settling into his wonderful forever home! Thai had a wonderful life with his family and has now passed peacefully over Rainbow Bridge.
  47. Blade

    “Blade is a 9 year old German Shepherd although you would not think he is 9 as he behaves as though he were 4 or 5 years old. Blade could be heard barking when I arrived.  Introductions at the door by having a sniff of me, could obviously smell my dog.  Absolutely fine and I was allowed in! He was very happy to be made a fuss of. Blade soon settled, laying down near me or at my feet, looking up for a fuss and a stroke. Alert and looking up when cars went by or someone walked by on the footpath at rear of garden.   Blade has lived in Spain for a number of years. Owner’s step daughter has looked after him for a while and unfortunately has not kept his vaccination boosters up to date. He is neutered and microchipped however. Blade’s owner has several medical issues which will not improve and is unable to walk him.  He has been walked by a neighbour.   Blade got quite excited when his collar and lead came out, knowing he was going out for a walk. No harsh pulling on the lead and quickly settled on walk round the...
  48. Poppy

    Poppy is a GSD cross who according to her microchip is coming up to 4 years of age. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. We were asked to take her in by another rescue after her owner died and this is what the vet had to say that had her in their care: “She is extremely amaciated and has recently been neutered post pyometra. She also had a flea allergy dermatitis so is bathed weekly and has been flea treated and wormed. Her skin is almost back to normal. She’s very stiff and her owner wasn’t capable of walking her. Since I gave been walking her she’s loosened up amazingly. She has a loving temperament and is house trained. But, is interested in cats so that would need work or a cat free home. Poppy has been with us since April this year and is only just now healthy enough to consider rehoming. She is a loving girl who is used to being in a one to one relationship. She is ok with other dogs but a typical bossy bitch! Would probably prefer to be the only dog. Poppy would love a quiet home where someone was around most of...
  49. Mo

    This absolutely stunning baby boy came into our charity as a welfare case along with his mum Mia , sadly he was so very poorly we were unable to save him. Heartbroken was an understatement, he was such a gorgeous little man who deserved so much more than he ever got, beyond gutted! Sleep tight and fly high beautiful. xxx
  50. Asia aka Zing

    Asia is one of 3 young Malinois we were asked to take in and find a home for. Unsure of their full history but all very friendly and good with other dogs. We believe them to be 4-5 months old. Microchipped and vaccinations are been started. If Mali’s are your breed, these girls will make super additions, but will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation as they have come from working lines. Asia has been in a super foster home and has now officially been adopted. Asia, who was renamed Zing, had a wonderful but sadly short life in her wonderful home. She struggled with various medical issues and sadly had to be let free to run over Rainbow Bridge after her kidneys finally gave up. Run free now baby girl xx
  51. Theo

    Theo is 2 years old, currently entire and vaccinations out of date. He is microchipped. He is good with children and other dogs, although can be ‘gobby’ when out. He currently lives with 3 cats. Rufus and Theo are looking for a new home as their owner is moving in with her mother who already has 2 dogs and there will just not be room. Theo walks nicely on the lead when walked alone and has some recall. He will need further training. He can also be slightly protective over his food but shuts up when told. Typical young shep who needs a home that can give him further guidance but not a bad bone in his body. Theo has now found his new forever home. Theo has peacefully passed over Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with inoperable lymphoma.
  52. Murphy

    May I introduce Murphy who is 8 years young. He is neutered and microchipped but his vaccinations will need updating. Murphy was adopted from us 5 years ago having come from another rescue. He was not a straight forward lad but has truly shone in his home. Never been around children so teenagers upwards only, Murphy is good with other dogs, maybe overly interested sometimes. Unknown with cats. This lad is good on the lead and has good recall and basic commands. Used to being left for a few hours with no problems. Nervous at the vets but not aggressive. Murphy is very sadly having to be found a new home as there was an incident where he bit a person when on the lead, and despite the matter not having been taken any further, the council are insisting he is gone from the property or the whole family face eviction. Can you please help Murphy find his retirement pad? Murphy is moving in with his grandparents! The lovely Murphy has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  53. Jess

    This gorgeous old lady is Jess who is 11 years old. Poor Jess’ elderly owner was taken into hospital and sadly won’t be coming home so she found herself in the council kennels. Jess is a beautiful girl who was very lost. Loves other dogs. Jess is safely now in long term foster with us where she will spend her retirement. After a wonderful retirement of another 2 years, the gorgeous Jess has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  54. Lady Junior

    Well this lovely young girl, Lady was picked up from the pound in Kent and taken to the kennels in Essex. Lady never made it into a kennel, as the kennel owner fell in love with her on the spot as Lady is so like his current girl. So Lady Junior was taken straight in for a bath and moved straight into her new home. Can you tell the difference? What a lucky Lady?! The beautiful Lady Junior has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  55. Rosie

    May I introduce the rather gorgeous Rosie. She is coming up to 3 years and is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Rosie came into rescue because her owners had to move into a flat where she was not allowed.  She has lived with young children but can be nervous meeting new people so would be best with older children only. Once she knows you though she is a loving and affectionate lass. She likes food and toys which is great for training, but needs work on the ‘leave’ bit with toys. Will happily swap one toy for another though. Rosie can be quite nervous in new situations and will bark when she is concerned, including when meeting other dogs, but is playful and bouncy once relaxed. This girl just needs a shepherd home that can give the confidence and socialisation a dog of her age needs. Can you help Rosie? Rosie has trotted straight into a great new home! Rosie has passed over Rainbow Bridge having had a wonderful life with her family.  
  56. Leo

    Meet Leo, he is 3yrs, still entire, chipped, we are told he is fully vaccinated but no card seen. His owner told us that he is fine with children and also other dogs, unknown with cats and livestock. Sadly the relationship between Leo and his owner has hit some issues whereby he has shown some aggression to her when she has tried to take things away from him that are not his. Any new owner would need to have experience with possession aggression. Leo has become frustrated in the home and will chase his tail so needs to find an experienced home who can work with him on his issues and further training. If this could be you please fill out the adoption form and we can go from there. Sadly due to medical issues we had to say goodnight to this boy. Sleep tight. x
  57. Rockie

    Rockie is 13 years old now and arrived with us in October 2014. We were asked to assess Rockie as there was now a baby in the house that was starting to crawl. Why their concern; because they had never bothered to socialise their dog. In fact they never walked Rockie either, and when the volunteer asked if he could take him out on a walk, they could not even find a collar or lead! He had been in this home since a pup and had not been vaccinated or neutered. He had spent his life on cheap supermarket food. Toys were plastic bottles or stones. We insisted on a vet check which the owner did do, and the vet said she was pleasantly surprised with his condition considering. Rockie came into kennels in Bristol initially where they have struggled to keep weight on him. He can be grumpy when being handled, but would imagine a lot of this is due to having been part of the furniture in the past. He tried a spell in foster with a calm bitch. All went well at first but he quickly decided that he wanted all the attention and started to bully...
  58. Diddy aka Ricky

    Apologies for the name! Diddy was left tied up outside of a police station in London. He was underweight and his coat was in a very poor condition. We believe Diddy is 7 or 8 years old and all else seems to be healthy. He is microchipped, vaccinated and now neutered. Fitted in fine with his foster family of dogs and is a real character. Lovely friendly lad with a zest for life. The gorgeous Diddy is now settling in his wonderful new home. This grand old man passed peacefully over Rainbow Bridge of old age at the grand age 14.
  59. Missy

    May I introduce Missy who is 4 years old and came in with her dad Duke from a farm. Dad died a year ago and now the house has been sold they needed a new home. She is a beautiful but timid girl however she is slightly more confident than her father.  She is eager to please, loves a groom, fuss and cuddle and will be your friend forever if you have treats which she takes gently. Missy has fairly good recall, her lead work will need attention as although she doesn’t pull she weaves around a bit, but this isn’t bad considering she hasn’t been on a lead before.  Her general commands of sit and down have never been taught, however she is so willing to please I don’t see that as a problem. Missy needs to go into a home that will take the time to introduce her to new experiences and help grow her confidence. She is unsuitable to be homed with very young children purely as we don’t have any history and is unknown with cats. Ideally Missy would love a home where she could be with Duke as they really do love each other. Missy...
  60. Beni

    May I introduce Beni who is 9 years old. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated we are told. He has been in the same home since a pup and is now being rehomed as his owner has less time and money for him. Beni is good with older children and other dogs but a not to cats. Good on the lead and commands. Beni does have some allergies and a thyroid condition which are managed with daily medication and diet. This is what our volunteer had to say about him: “Beni is a very friendly non-aggressive dog. He can live with another dog but he withdraws himself when he does as he is very submissive so would be best as the only dog in the home. Fine with all dogs he meets but will run away if they bark at him, even small dogs. I found him very friendly and no behaviour issues but am told he is petrified of aerosol cans and will nip in fear, even his owner. Beni would have no problem fitting into a house as the only dog or with another very calm older dog who will not bully him. I loved him!” Beni is...

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