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Say hello to the gorgeous Amber. She is 6yrs old, chipped but not vaccinated.

Amber has had 2 litters with the male dog also living in the home, Amber is still unspayed and they are worried she will get caught again?!!

She is good with children of all ages but will bark and lunge at dogs she meet although I doubt she gets to meet many and her past experiences have ended in pregnancy.

She never gets any off lead time which I am sure she would appreciate, will need lots of social time with other dogs but was very friendly with our assessor.

Can anyone offer this girl an emergency foster place to get her away from the entire male as I am sure she does not want a third litter!

This girl is now out and briefly in foster and then kennels. She is very friendly with all people she meets but will snap and lunge at dogs but it is still very early days and we are hopeful that with plenty of social walks with different people and dogs she will start to realise that actually life can be good and enjoyable.


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