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Meet Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) a gorgeous 5 year old female GSD who through no fault of her own is looking for a new home.

Athena lives with her owner in her parents’ house along with four other small breed dogs and has done so since she was a puppy but is now food guarding / borderline aggressive towards the other dogs. Although she has not injured any of the other dogs the owners parents are sufficiently concerned that they have asked the owner to rehome her and having exhausted all the other options currently available to her she feels that she has no other choice. This is a sad and complicated situation.

When I arrived at the home to complete the assessment Athena didn’t react to my knock on the door. She had been placed on her bed and stayed there until she was called off to meet me which she did in a quiet, calm and appropriate manner. She didn’t avoid me or jump up. She was forward and inquisitive but not overbearing. She was then put back on her bed which is where she stayed whilst we chatted.

She let me check her all over so she is not shy to the touch and she is in good condition. She was fed and allowed me to remove her food bowl, she gave up her toys with a leave command and she took treats very gently.

Apart from the “Food Aggression” they all agree that Athena and the other dogs get along “Just Fine!”

I was told that she can be selective with other dogs. She is happy around calm, quiet low energy types, but is reactive to unwanted attention from bouncy, high energy types.

That would appear to be true as when we went out for a short walk I deliberately had her walked past the back of my car where my own GSD Bitch was in her crate in the open boot. Athena didn’t react, choosing to ignore my dog. We didn’t see any other dogs whilst out walking.

She walked nicely on a harness with the owner, although other members of the family walk her on a Halti.

I was told that she has no known medical conditions. She is still entire and she did have a planned litter in May 2021 where she gave birth to 5 puppies without complication. The owner states that she is vaccinated, microchipped and flea and worm treated regularly. Is good at the vets and travels well in a car.

Due to the home situation Athena accompanies the owner to work most days (office environment) where she is quite happy although she can be left at home alone with no reported damage or excessive noise.

She is a regular visitor to a livery stables where she is calm around the horses.

She is untested around cats, other livestock and she has had minimal exposure to very young children.

Truth be told if I was able to I would take Athena myself in a heart beat.

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Bristol - IN HOME
DOB 27.4.18
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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Careful introduction
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