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We were asked by another rescue if we could take this lovely young lady in, having been rescued from a neglect situation. Ava was just 1 year old and was not in a good place. She was very overweight and arrived with a long standing ear infection which had obviously been ignored, but has been treated. She is microchipped and her vaccinations are now up to date. Now also spayed.

Ava was unknown with children but has been in foster with a young child, but she really needs a home without young children as she can get jealous for attention. She was fine around larger dogs when first at the kennels and off lead (but not keen on smaller dogs) but socialisation when out on lead with other dogs is a work in progress.

This lovely young lady does love people however and will be looking for an experienced home that can give her the training and socialisation she has missed out on.

Ava had a foster break for assessment and this is what foster dad had to say about her:

“Ava has a lovely nature and really loves everyone she meets.  She jumped straight into the car and travelled well.  She is house trained and got on very well with our dog.  She loves to chase a ball and will give it back every time.  Ear drops are a battle of wills with both of us trying (and failing) to hold her down, she wriggles and squirms and nips at the medicine bottle, but however worked up she gets she never growls or shows any aggression.  When it’s finally over she keeps her distance for a few minutes but soon forgives us.  She takes treats very gently.  She will make a very loyal and loving pet.

Bearing in mind the rotten start she has had in life, she does have virtually no training, she will sit but not stay, she gets very excited and goes everywhere at the run.  Typical of shepherd dogs she is at her best when we are all in one room.  One of us only has to stretch and she is up and ready to follow, very skittish and jumps up at tables, kitchen work tops etc.  Really strong on the lead, we tried her with a Halti, she absolutely hated it but it did the job.  The only problem being that, by the time the wrestling match is over and it’s finally on you’re too worn out to walk her

Hopefully you will find someone with the patience and understanding to train her, it will not be quick and she will take a few weeks rather than hours for to settle down but she will pay back the work over many years and make a great dog.”

Ava did go into another home on a foster basis as there were resident cats. Sadly the cats would not tolerate her whatsoever but in every other way the family adored her.

Ava is staying with her foster home.


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