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Bella will be 2 the end of January. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped but not spayed. She is a GSD cross Mali.

Luna and Bella came into us from another rescue. They had been at a previous kennels since January and were a welfare case. They were both owned by a security dog handler and were permanently kept in a van. They were found to be very underweight and neglected and have been nursed back to full health with owner not allowed to have them back.

Both dogs are very friendly and affectionate with people and are happy to greet anyone, they are a bit lively on lead when first out of kennel and can jump up with no malice and soon settle. They are both good with basic commands and handling. Luna can be quite vocal on lead and at time’s she can be focused on other dogs when out, she can be easily corrected but hasn’t been tested with other dogs.

Bella is just happy and bouncy when out of kennel, she looks at other dogs but is not vocal etc like Luna and again has not been tested but although these two came from the same household they hate each other and either one will have a pop at the other one when walking pass each other’s kennel.

Due to their history, older children only and will need homes that are experienced, calm and confident to socialise them with other dogs and the world further. Probably best to be the only dog but may cope living with a calm male who doesn’t mind being bossed about.

Can you give Bella the life she deserves please?

Bella has exceeded all expectations and has licensed as a police dog with Essex.


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