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Benji is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what his current owner says about him.

Benji is a 3-year-old, male, brindle, short-haired, Mali cross Dutch Herder. He is neutered, vaccinated, flea/worm treated and microchipped. He has no known food allergies but is not keen on a raw diet. He currently eats Alpha Adult Maintenance dry dog food, twice daily. The only disclosed medical issue was the removal of a deformed toe when he was 6-months-old so he now wears a boot in very cold weather. He can be reactive when visiting the vets and has lived in his current home since he was 5 months old, when his current owner rehomed him from another family due to the impending birth of a child.

Benji is being rehomed through GSRE as his current owner has experienced a relationship break-up and is now without a permanent residence.

Benji is described as being good with children aged 10-15 years but given his nervousness and anxiety (with a bite history) he may not be rehomed with children. He is selective with other dogs although he has lived with a few different dogs before.

He currently lives with a young Mali cross and an older small terrier cross. He is not good with cats but will pay no attention to livestock.

Benji has a bite history from the following incident: A male friend, known to the family, was winding Benji up in a pub. Despite being asked to leave Benji alone, the male persisted. Benji was sat with his back to the male, holding a toy with his head between his owners’ legs when the male approached Benji from behind and unexpectedly reached over his head. Benji turned a nipped him which broke the skin. The incident was reported to the Police which resulted in Benji receiving a VCO (voluntary control order).

Benji is better at meeting new people outside of the home and wearing a muzzle, until his trust is gained. He is fine being left alone at home for up to 5 hours, with no destructive behaviour, but does not like to be closed in one room. He is good when travelling in a car, lives indoors and is fully housetrained. Benji is good when walked on-lead but has a limited recall. He knows basic commands.

Benji can open doors around the home to let himself in and out of various places, therefore he is sometimes locked in a room if visitors are in the house. He is also good at nudging windows open and climbing ladders! When workmen were at the home, Benji was found on the roof having escaped from the house and climbed a ladder to get up there.

Once Benji has trust in somebody he is a very loving dog. He is an intelligent and obedient boy who is toy and treat focused. Benji seems to have had a lot of change in his life and appears nervous and unsure.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Benji, this is what they said about him.

When the GSRE assessor arrived at the home, they were asked to wait outside for Benji to be muzzled and brought out to meet them where they believed he would be less reactive (guards the home). Benji went over to the assessor and had a good sniff and took some treats through the muzzle very nicely. However, as the assessor moved away, Benji lunged at them making contact with his muzzle against their arm, with no damage done. Benji was loudly and very firmly verbally corrected by the family member handling him.

When Benji had calmed a little, they went for a short walk. He walked nicely on the lead and responded to the assessors’ commands. He was not concerned about passing traffic but the assessor was told to give other people a wide-berth. When they returned home, Benji was locked in another room (as he can let himself out) and the assessor did not have any further time with him.

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