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This lad has just arrived with us today from council kennels and this is what we were told:

“Bentley has made a massive impression on kennel staff since he has been with us. He acts like a huge, tough, scary Malinois- however he has proven not to be. He was extremely reactive when we first had him and proved to be difficult to handle. Throughout his stay he has proven to be a very anxious dog who is unsure or strangers and new environments. But through time and lots of treats he has gained trust in kennel staff. He is very reliant on food and will give a firm sit when asked- he does also know down but is so desperate for a treat will take your hand off! He is very reliant on the handler and will keep looking to ensure the person is still there. He does need a firm hand to ensure he doesn’t drag you around and try to be cheeky. He has proven to be what we call ‘the biggest wet wipe’ in the kennels- acting very tough until told a form ‘NO’ and he melts away- he really does not like being in trouble. We have also discovered with Bentley he will be very vocal to get attention as he believes he deserves someone’s attention all day and everyday. He is a sweetheart really and is struggling in kennels- he is extremely stressed and will bark all day- to either get attention or to tell off his noisy neighbours next door. He is still a reactive boy but we can tell he doesn’t mean it as he clearly hasn’t seen much of the world and is very unsure of what is going on around him. It has taken time and patience, but Bentley has proven that he is handleable and is willing to learn as long as he trusts you and knows he is safe.”

Bentley is still entire but is fully vaccinated. No microchip located so he is now microchipped. Bentley has been fine with other large breed dogs of both sexes however does not seem keen on smaller children.

Only about a year old, this lad may well suit a working home with his boundless energy!

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DOB 31.5.22 (est)
Good with children:
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