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May I introduce Biscuit who we believe is about 18 months old. Not spayed or vaccinated but she is microchipped. She was taken in by a family when her owner passed away and she was being offered free. They wanted to make sure she did not end up anywhere bad. Biscuit is a small and currently underweight girl. She needs to have a home of her own as she is now living with other dogs and is testing the pecking order. With a puppy already in the home, the family do not feel they can give her what she needs.

She does love to play with other dogs however so once given proper socialisation and boundaries, should be fine. Typically wary of strangers and we are told she will bark and nip if approached by strangers when on the lead. Biscuit has been living with an 8 year old, but we would suggest older children only. Not used to a lead but has good commands and recall.

This is what our assessor said about her:

“I had no idea what to expect from Biscuit today, I expected an aggressive fearful ‘no hope’ girl and what I met was a gorgeous, smart and curious but still nervous little girl desperate for love. She is bright, loving, friendly and OH SO bright. I was warned she can be a bit nippy so I didn’t know what to expect, but she was perfect from the get go. She IS wary of people she doesn’t know so it takes a bit of time to get her trust, she ran up to a random rambler when we were out with her and she was off lead and gave a ‘warning’ who the hell are you? bark but there was no malice in it. She came to heel when called and was happy by her dad’s side. She is loving, smart, cute and SOOOO eager to please. The poor wee thing just doesn’t know what is going on in her world at present. She is bright, insecure and just needs stability and love. She has SOOOOO much potential. I have assessed numerous dogs in my career as a doggie volunteer and some are past help. This girl just needs time and love.”

Are you the home Biscuit needs please?

Biscuit’s owners have found her a home.

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