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Bruno will be 5 in September. He is currently entire and vaccinations will need restarting but he is microchipped. We believe he is a GSD cross Mali. Being rehomed as has started attacking the cats in the home despite having been there since 6 months of age. This is what our volunteer had to say:

“Bruno was such a sweetheart. There was no barking when we arrived or when were let in the house. When he was let in the room he came straight up for a fuss and treats which he took very gently. He was so friendly, a big cuddly bear.

He is a large strong dog and when we took him out for a walk he did pull to start with – but settled down. He was not bothered about cats or dogs on the other side of the road. At one point there was a pigeon right in front of him – he just wanted to sniff. He was very excited to be out.

I feel he would be an easy dog with just a normal walk and attention. I do not really think he is dog reactive as he was not interested at all when we were out with him.

There are 4 small children in the house so he is used to them but again they are struggling to manage him – he is too excited – and so he would be with no exercise.

I would have taken Bruno home with me if I had not been full. I might still go and pick him up for a run in my field – I loved this boy – he did not want us to go and was happy to have kisses and treats.”

Bruno is not getting the exercise he needs so will probably settle when back to getting regular exercise. Recall can be bit and miss but no issues over food or toys.

This super lad would probably fit into most GSD experienced homes!

Bruno has been taken in by another rescue.

Berkshire - IN HOME
DOB 15.9.18
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