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This poor young lady is Cassie. She has come into us through council kennels having been picked up as a stray. We believe she is about 3 years old. Unknown if microchipped as nobody has been able to carry out a thorough scan.

“Our wonderful kennels yesterday took in this heart breaking case from the pound. Meet Cassie everyone ❤️

Cassie is terrified of the world right now, but especially of being touched. These poor girls scars, that are literally all over her body from head to foot, tell of a grim past. We also think she’s had multiple litters of puppies by the looks of her.

Right now our only aim is to bond build with Cassie and help her to feel safe and secure. Everything else will follow in time and at her pace.  She is already taking treats gently whilst Emma is in her kennel. Baby steps to some, but for us this a lovely gift that she trusts us this much despite what’s happened in her past.

Cassie is not available for foster or adoption at this time. She is under going assessment.  But we will post up Cassie’s progress as her story unfolds.”

Update on Cassie:

“For all those Cassie fans.. This is for you.. ❤️

This girl has come so far since she first arrived. She’s now showing her cheeky character. If you don’t look out, before you’ve realised it, she’s snaffled your food.. such a thief!! 😂
As her confidence grows, she’s actually becoming very bossy with other dogs. She’s also super jealous if Daisy (her blonde mate) gets a fuss and will not be backwards at pushing her out of the way so as not not miss any ear tickles.
Our next step is to get Cassie happy about traveling in a vehicle. Then to a vets for an overall check up.
Cassie is nearly ready for rehoming but she is going to have quite a wish list please.
She is looking for a predominantly female house hold. She is ok with Lee at kennels, but is by far better with females. Ideally, a large ish garden because to begin with until you have her trust, she’ll not want to walk out with you. She could be rehomed with another dog, but your dog must be calm and confident. As once she gets her paws under the table, she has the potential to turn into a truly bossy girl and she doesn’t back down! Cassie cannot be homed with any small furries. She has strong prey drive as Mr Pheasant found out!! All in all she’s a beautiful girl, that needs every step taken at her pace, no matter how slow that might be. In return once those all important foundations of trust are formed you have the most loyal, loving cheeky girl anyone could wish for!”
Cassie is now microchipped and spayed and going out with volunteers to explore the big wide world. Absolutely terrified at the vets and will need a home that is with her most of the time as she does love her people. Will need to be the only dog as she does become very possessive of her people.
Cassie needs a calm and patient home please, with little through traffic and not too many expectations from this girl. God knows what she went through in her previous life but she is now ready to take the next big step into a home of her own so she can learn to relax and just enjoy life.

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Gloucestershire - KENNELS
3 years
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