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Charlie is 2 and is now neutered. He is microchipped and vaccinations have been started. Good with children, other dogs and ignores cats. His owner says he tends to be picked on by other dogs sometimes and is scared of large livestock.

Charlie’s owners have only had him a couple of months and his previous owners obtained him from an abusive home at 9 months of age. His initial reaction to visitors though is to seek fuss and attention and seems to have no malice about him. Happily travels on the back seat of the car but not the boot at present, as he will scream if you try to lift him in. A hang up from his old life where he was shut in a cupboard with another dog, but this is something that could be worked with if you have time and patience.

Walks on the lead well until heading home and then will pull a bit. He is not allowed off lead as if scared he will run. Good basic commands.  Charlie can only be left for a couple of hours before he starts to stress and chew, being the reason he is having to be rehomed. His current owners have tried to resolve this issue but impossible not to leave him with their other commitments.

Generally Charlie is a happy boy but understandably nervous of sudden moves and noises and his instinct is to run. This lad needs a home where someone is with him most of the time and understands about patience and confidence giving to a dog with his past. A home with other confident dogs a must. Can you help Charlie please?

Charlie is now settling in his new home.

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