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Meet Chester who is 4 years old. He is neutered and microchipped and told his vaccinations are up to date. This is what our volunteer has to say about him:

“Chester greeted me quite calmly  in the kitchen despite some whining excitable behaviour beforehand. He had not had a walk that day when I visited and doesn’t see his owners every day so naturally he was keen to come in.

He has a lovely playful nature and enjoys Frisbees and sticks although he is never let off his training length lead. He would undoubtedly benefit from more exercise and stimulation generally starting with secure fields to test recall. He likes to walk in front on his long lead but isn’t a puller. He certainly checked back in with us when we were walking to make all was well.

While out he did crouch down in stalking mode and made eye contact with another dog. That dog returned the stare and Chester did bark at it but he wasn’t interested in it after we had passed it and we also passed other dogs who ignored him and there was no reaction. Should be an easy fix as he can be distracted with a toy and just needs some direction.

His owners haven’t been living with Chester for some months. In that time he has been living with a young couple in the home he has lived in since a puppy. This has resulted in a lack of meaningful exercise and it is fair to say he is getting nowhere near enough opportunity to burn off his energy.  As a result he is now considerably overweight needing to shed a few kilos and improve his fitness level. He is long coated as a rule but has had a hair cut so he looks more like a semi long coat.

He is not a problem with visitors and has no food possession issues. He will hang on to toys if he can. For invasive procedures at the vet he has previously been sedated beforehand but not for routine trips for boosters. He’s good in the car, not sick or excessively noisy.

There is a good chance he could live with children in a sensible environment. He has been around babies and various young children and he is not phased by them although hasn’t lived with them.

He’s likely to chase cats but a pretty straight forward young man with no known allergies or health problems. He just needs a committed forever home.”

Chester has been rehomed by his owner.

Devon - IN HOME
4 years
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