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Coco came into us from the pound where her time was up. She is not a full GSD. 2 years old, her vaccinations have been started and she is microchipped. Unknown if spayed.

Coco has been fine with people she has met and other large dogs. A no to cats.

A lovely, lively young girl looking for her forever home please.

Coco has had a short break in a foster home and this is what foster dad has to say about her:

“Coco is a beautiful dog who draws admiring glances wherever she goes.  She has a lovely temperament and is full of fun and finds life exciting and interesting.  I’m sure she has never been mistreated because she is completely fearless.  She found our great-grandson, aged 5, fascinating and seemed to instinctively tone down her boisterous nature around him.  She is past the manic puppy stage but still needs to mature a little as she can be lively and will jump up at visitors.  However she has some basic commands and will, eventually, sit, stay, give a paw or go to bed.  In the house and garden she has good recall but we have not had a chance to try her in an open space.

She gets very excited when first going out but does settle down fairly quickly and though she does pull on the lead she is manageable.  She will bark at other dogs when out but it is not aggressive, she just wants to play.  With our own, older dog, she is very playful and affectionate and when he’s had enough play will back off. Not seen her with any cats but I suspect she would find chasing them huge fun.

She is defensive of her food but that is to be expected from a stray.  Given time and a little badly needed weight I feel sure she would settle.

She loves to ride in the car and jumps in without hesitation.  She sits quietly in the boot of our 4 x 4 and looks out of the window with interest.

In short her only faults are age related and the result of a lack of training, she has a loving and loyal personality and will make someone a wonderful pet.”

Coco has found her new home.

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