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Dazzling Cupid is searching for the love of his life! This stunning, lively & active boy, is full of fun & energy and will need an equally active & experienced owner who would be happy to continue with his training and provide him with the physical & mental stimulation he needs. He loves playing with his toys & going on long walks and he would benefit highly from doing dogs sports such as Agility, Mantrailing or Flyball. Cupid is friendly with people and greets in an excitable manner but he also has a sensitive side to him, so he’ll need someone who can read when he is feeling uncomfortable. He is sociable with other dogs and curious to meet them but can become nervous if he feels the other dog is too much for him so, it’s important that his owner has a good understanding of dog body language & behaviour. Cupid is a great dog who will thrive with the right family and environment and make a loving, life long companion.

Cupid could live with sensible teenagers of 14+ providing they have lived with a dog before and will help with his training. He would not be suitable to live in a flat due to his vocal nature at times and he will need someone at home with him until settled, building up to being left alone for around 1-2 hours. Cupid is looking for an owner who has, ideally, previously owned a dog of his breed type or who is knowledgeable about the breed. Cupid has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea and worm treatment. He has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed.

Cupid has been rehomed by his rescue.

London - KENNELS
DOB 1.9.21 (est)
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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