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May I introduce Doris who is just 1 year old. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Doris grew up in rescue having been dumped in a bin at 3 days old. The rescue staff hand reared her and she found herself a home at 3 months of age. As you can see from the photos, her bad start in life has most certainly not hindered her development!

Sadly she did develop some behavioural problems in the home and when they had a baby recently they had to return her. Mostly towards joggers and people on bikes and strange men.

At the moment Doris is a little reactive on the lead with other dogs but has mixed well with them in the past. She used to love playing with a naughty staffie cross. They were quite rough but played nicely in the end. She is a typical teenager at the moment. Doris should be fine with a bold cat as she was brought up with one, and recently was in the office with some little kittens that were being hand reared. But if it was a nervous cat that ran away all the time she may chase.

She is a wonderful loyal dog if she knows you, but can be reactive with strangers and children, so needs a really experienced home with someone who understands she needs careful management.

She recently went to the police for assessment as a working dog but she was too nervous in new situations and a bit to needy with the handlers, as she does love a cuddle.

There is a Doris shaped home out there so if you have the experience with the breed to help her onward training and socialisation please get in touch.

Doris has been adopted!

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