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Pippa is strutting her stuff to help the Sheffield Six!

Our lovely Angie Roberts and her super girl, Pippa, have decided to do a sponsored walk to raise the funds to help cover kennel and vet bills for the six dogs taken in from Sheffield, leaving precious funds in the charity’s coffers to help other dogs in need.

Allison Clarke:

“I took a call from an RSPCA officer who had been called to an allotment in Sheffield where 6 German Shepherds were being kept and bred from. They were living in appalling conditions and needed out asap……yes you guessed it, how could I say no! I rang Karyn and asked if we had space – she said we will make space, so on Tuesday they all trooped in to our kennels. We have mum, dad and 4 female siblings. Mum is spayed but no one else! I met them yesterday and along with Rachel and Karyn we got them out in two’s as this is how they have been living and spent some time with them and took them for a short walk but they have not seen anything of the outside world ever and their ages range from 6yrs to 11!! They all have fantastic temperaments, Misty and Scarlet didn’t shown any interest in Betty our feline helper but Ruby, Kai, Bonnie and Shadow were none too keen! The four girls are all very wary and scared, poor Scarlet and Shadow being the worst.Dogs like these 6 are why we do what we do. Please help us carry on doing it. x “