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We have pleasure in re-introducing Gorgeous Gladis! She is 2 years old, now microchipped and vaccinations have been started.

Followers of GSRE on Facebook will remember that Gladis was found abandoned along with sacks of rubbish on an old sofa.  She was literally skin and bone, weighing just 10kg. After a check up with the local vet she came into foster with GSRE where she has made amazing progress.

Gladis is now a bright; bouncy; playful and happy young lady weighing in at a healthy 24kg and looking for a fun forever family who can shower her with love.  If you enjoy long country walks and games of ball (and spraying her with a hose!) in the garden;  lots of doggy cuddles and absolute devotion then Gladis could well be the girl for you!

Because of the circumstances involved in Gladis coming to GSRE we have little knowledge of her previous life.  She has met children of around 8-9 years old out on walks and has been fine with them – she absolutely loves people!  We don’t think she has had much socialisation with dogs; cats or wildlife so she will need a patient family who will introduce her gently to the big wide world.  Gladis loves walks and joins in with her local GSRE walk group at weekends, she barks at the other dogs to start with but they ignore her and she is getting more used to them, she seems to want to join in and play but doesn’t know how.  For this reason we feel that initially Gladis would like to be an only dog in the home whilst getting used to other dogs being around on walks to help her gain confidence and learn some doggy manners.

Gladis is good in the house, she likes nothing more than to spend the evening curled up on her rug in front of the TV.  In her foster home she has been regularly left for 3 hours on her own and has been fine – she loves her Kong and her Snuggle Mat which keep her occupied.  She also sits; gives a paw and when she is playing in the garden comes to her name immediately.  Having been unsure what to do with her tennis ball to start with she now enjoys fetching it; bouncing it and rolling it around the garden which is so lovely to see.

This fun and happy little lady just wants a loving home to call her own and a family to walk; play and cuddle with.

Gladis is now with her forever family and a long way from were she started!


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