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Gunner is not a large lad. He will be 3 years old in December. Currently entire but he is microchipped but vaccinations are out of date. He has been with his current owner for about 18 months having taken him on from a fellow soldier, however he is a very high energy dog and with the arrival of a new baby, and dad away for long periods of time, Gunner needs a new home that can give him what he needs. This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Gunner is a gorgeous dog. He is very people focused with high energy – he would play all day and kept bringing me his toy. He is in good condition and is given plenty of exercise. Originally he had the whole house to roam in but since the new baby arrived he is now confined to the kitchen and garden.  We walked him around and he likes to play with his toy and he checks in every few seconds. We didn’t see any dogs but he tried to chase a squirrely and 2 cats though was easily re-engaged with his toy. He does try to chase lorries and electric vehicles.

He is a lovely boy who came from an army barracks background so had no socialisation outside of that environment as a puppy. He is apparently extremely reactive to other dogs though I did not see that. He is muzzle trained and when taking to the vets they do ring to get an appointment to avoid other dogs.

When I arrived he was in the kitchen behind a large gate. He jumped up and barked with excitement but when the gate was opened he greeted me nicely. His two canine teeth are worn down from chewing stones when he was younger. The owner feels he would benefit from living in a rural environment as he struggles walking in an urban area with lots of dogs around. They take him to a secure field twice a week.”

Can you help Gunner please?

Gunner has been adopted.

Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 8.12.20
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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