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We were asked to take Harley and Dredd (now called Fred) in from another rescue who had taken them in as an emergency case due to problems in their home.

Harley (female) and Fred (male) are brother and sister and had the first birthday at the beginning of August 2016. They are both microchipped and vaccinated.  Fred is neutered but Harley is not spayed as far as we are aware and we are waiting a season. (Harley came into season 1st May so can be spayed beginning of August.)

We decided it would be best them being rehomed apart as unfortunately they had not had much socialisation outside of the home, meaning they stuck together and if one showed any nervousness, then so did the other. Neither have shown any real aggression but nervous aggression to start. Harley has been fine walking out with other dogs and been happy to play with another bitch. Has met the cat and initially seemed scared but did want to chase when the cat slipped off.

Harley would benefit from a calm and confident home with an older dog as a role model.

Harley had a nice break in a foster home:

“Last Sunday, we drove down to Essex kennels to drop off some duvets for the dogs and somehow we ended up with a stowaway!…. The lovely Harley decided she would like to come for a little break with us all. She has been with us a week and we have seen her confidence soar, was very apprehensive and needed lots of encouragement to get in the car but now knows that means we are off to the park and jumps on readily. She has been clean in the house and sleeps well through the night (usually on Jessica’s bed) and although she can be a bit bossy with Luna, we have seen no food or toy aggression at all. She has the most gorgeous face and her coat is silky soft and the most beautiful rich colour. Still nervous of men but is now comfortable around my husband and 20 year old son so this can be successfully worked on. How can anyone resist that face?…. Does your home have a Harley shaped hole?”

Let’s find this gorgeous girl a home!!!”

“The lovely Harley has now been with us for nearly two weeks, she has settled in beautifully. She is very calm and quiet in the house and as you can see she loves a snooze! Is not bothered by traffic or the hoover and has not chewed anything in her time with us. She is a hungry girl who loves her food and is not adverse to a bit of counter surfing to see if she can help herself! Loves a game of fetch and a ball is definitely her favourite toy, a great way to bond with our Harley is through treats and fetch. We haven’t been able to get her off lead this week however for her favourite game as she came into season last Sunday, meaning she would be able to be spayed at the beginning of August. She knows sit and pay and takes treats gently…. Loves a cuddle. At the moment is finding it challenging accepting new people into the house and so is needing very slow introductions, but am sure that with time and patience this will improve as she has come such a long way already. She really is a cracking little girl who is very loving…. She deserves a fabulous home!”

Harley has officially been adopted by her foster home.


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