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May I introduce Indy aka Rossi who is a GSD cross Mali (we think). Born July 2019 this young lady was picked up as a stray. We have started her vaccinations and she is now spayed. Indy was microchipped but the details on it were out of date!

Indy has been a little sweetheart, and when I say little, she is not that big at all. No reaction towards other dogs seen at the kennels when she arrived. No aggression towards anyone seen and was not the bravest of girls to start but can be full on. No young children as we do not know her history.

Indy has now been in foster where her foster parents have been working hard with her. She has been socialised with some dogs off lead and is fine if they are confident dogs that keep her in her place, but she will over dominate a dog that is submissive. She may well benefit from living with a confident and firm male which would help her confidence levels and her stress levels which can be very high when out. Indy can be difficult to walk as she is constantly on high alert and spins and twists if she sees another dog. In the home she is a sweetheart and greeted one of our volunteers with a waggy tail and was soon best friends.

Unfortunately Indy could not stay in foster due to a change in circumstances so is now in kennels.

Indy needs a home that can give her the confidence, boundaries, socialisation and continued training a young lady of her age needs and may benefit from being given a ‘job’ such as scent work. Can you give this little lady a home please.

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Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 2.7.19
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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