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Jaxon is a youngster a lockdown pup who was reactive and too much for the existing owner. Jaxon came to us with apparently no training at all but he did have a very high toy drive.
He is cautious of people until he gets to know them and is happier meeting women rather than men, because of this he would rather play than be fussed but this is improving. We have found that due to his natural intelligence and using his toy drive he is very trainable and in one short session went from not knowing what sit was to pre-empting a sit for his toy before being asked.

Once he gets to know them, Jaxon gives a very exuberant greeting to his vollies when they go to get him out of the kennel something to be careful of in case he knocks young children or people who are unsteady on their feet over with his exuberance. He is happy to get into and settle in the car or van with no problems on any journeys so far.
Jaxon is currently walked on a harness as we have found he walks better on this and even with a long line is easily distractable from anything with a squeaky toy. Jaxon is still young and learning everything including that it is okay to toilet when out on a walk and not hold it until he gets back to the paddock.

If you can keep him still long enough, he is happy to be groomed but due to his high energy levels he needs to learn it is okay to be still and rest. We have seen no signs of aggression or resource guarding with this boy just some mouthing when he gets over excited as with everything else, he just needs to be taught what is and isn’t acceptable as he hasn’t previously had the experience or training.

Jaxon has managed to walk close to other dogs but this is ongoing so for now until he has been properly socialised needs to be the only dog. Any prospective adopter will need to be willing to meet Jaxon’s need to release energy both physically and mentally to tire him and allow/force him to rest. This boy has great potential in the right home where he can be trained and socialised.

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