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May I introduce Kane who is just 18 months old. Now neutered and microchipped.

Kane came from a puppy farm at 11 weeks old so typically would have missed out on the important weeks of proper socialisation. Consequently he was a handful and will need an experienced owner who has the time and confidence to help him.

We were told he suffers from food aggression, water aggression and toy aggression and that he barks and lunges at everyone he sees in or out of the home. He will try to dominate other dogs. Cannot currently be left as he will chew and mess.

Kane does know basic commands.

When our volunteer entered the house, Kane was muzzled and came across both scared and protective. He came for a treat after a few minutes. Once his trust was gained, our vollie was able to handle him all over. He was taken for a walk where he twisted and lunged to start but walked properly once settled, barking at anything that came near or past.  Back home his muzzle was removed and he was fine.

Since being in foster Kane has appeared to be a typical young man, full of fun, playing with other dogs. He has met lots of people and has been fine with them and shown no aggression since he has been with us. Plays with toys with people. He does mouth sometimes but he is learning quickly, and in the right home this lad will be absolutely fine. Kane has turned out to be a super young man. Whilst he can be vocal, he is well mannered and so desperately wants to please Just needs a confident home and best if he has another dog to guide him along and to play with..

Another rescue took one look and refused to even assess him! Kane did not choose his start in a puppy farm and deserves a chance please!

Kane has his own home at last!


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