We were asked to take Katie when 2 previous homes had let her down badly and she actually ended up in the pound. In one of the homes she encountered cats and we were told she was annoying to the cats but not aggressive. Since being with us she has been in a foster home with a very placid male dog who she enjoys playing with if a little OTT at times. This is what her foster mum had to say about her:

Katie is doing well learning to walk with a head collar which is helping her focus on her lead walking work. With the aid of treats she will sit and wait beautifully at a kerb and we are learning “gently” as a key word to help her slow her walking. As with all very young dogs who have had mixed inputs in their lives, it requires constant reinforcement so it’s all still new to her.

She will also sit and wait with a “watch me” command which I’ve started to use to distract her when she sees another dog or a cat. The former she just wants to say hello to, the latter she just wants to chase (at least!)

She is now starting to put on a little bit if weight – loves her food – and has a routine in her day, all of which will help her settle. She’s also greeted a builder who came to so some measuring up at the house today. She will still jump up and get excited but as the builder loves dogs, he was helping to get her to sit! She does love people though, it’s just her over-enthusiasm that needs some fine tuning, as you’d expect for most pups.

However, Katie is only here with me on a very temp basis and she needs her next move ASAP which ideally would be into her forever home. Please have a read of her requirements. Also, she’d like you to know it’s very tiring work being a busy pup all day!
Katie is really hoping that 2020 is going to be a much better year for her than 2019 has been. She’s not even quite six months old and has been chucked out and moved around far too much. She needs a chance with experienced puppy people please, in a calm environment that can give her the time, commitment and learning opportunities she needs.

If you search her posts on this page, you’ll see all the information about her.

She is only in temp foster with me so she’s hoping her forever people can come very soon, to save her having to be moved to another temp stop.

Some of Katie’s headlines….

*Not suitable to live with young children
*Needs someone around most of the time whilst continuing her learning
*Needs people experienced at raising a very active pup and if there’s a resident dog, it must be one who can cope with a pup who loves to play full-on
*Is a GSD cross and as she didn’t come in via a home, we have no history on her
*Loves people and other woofers and is food and toy oriented which helps with her training. Is now crate trained – not always enthusiastic about it! 😬
*Trying to do some lead work, like most things we are starting from scratch really but it’s become apparent that at some point, Katie was hit with a lead, so again, for the short time she will be with me, we are trying to get her a bit more confident with things.

*If you’ve passed a home check and are interested please speak to your co-ordinator (should be on your paperwork)

*If you’ve not had a home check, please apply via the GSRE website

West Mids
7 month
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:

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