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Kia came across to us from Devon GSD Rescue.

She was just 3 years old, now 5, now spayed, and microchipped and fully vaccinated.

We are told the original owners she came in from were strange, and Kia was very nervous. She did find a home with 2 other dogs but unfortunately medical reasons of the new owner meant she came back. Kia then found herself a home again, but again, due to medical reasons they are now unable to walk her. This poor girl is not having much luck!

Kia does suffer from EPI but this is easily managed with Panzym and not that expensive.

Kia is very apprehensive when meeting people. She needs a home with one or two adults who have the time to very slowly show her the world is a safe place.

Kia has been in foster for quite a while and settled in well living with a male shep and interacting well with new people when introduced in a calm situation. This was foster mum’s update:

“It seems the key to success with Kia is trust – once she trusts the people around her, she is absolutely fine with people and wants to be with you.

Kia is alert, bright, switched on, a quick learner and has a very affectionate nature.

She understands sit, down and can walk to heal pretty well (if you spend some time upfront changing direction so she starts to follow). She has learnt to give up toys when asked and she is learning wait.

Kia is apprehensive when meeting new people and is hand shy (new people’s raised hands causes a negative reaction). However if new people are calm and she can approach them (without any hands been involved ) she works out pretty quickly within a few minutes, they are not a threat and is fine. Her confidence is building and with consistent positive experiences.

Once she trusts you, she is happy to be brushed and touched all over and is no longer hand shy at all. She is affectionate and loves a cuddle.

Kia gets on with my other male GSD extremely well and follows him around like a lost puppy sometimes. They play with each other so gently and quietly, it’s a pleasure to watch their enjoyment.

Whilst Kia gets on with my dog, she is reactive when she sees another dog she has not met. This area needs work and patience, whilst she get used to the idea that she does not need to feel threatened and react as much. When she is allowed to meet the other dog, she is okay, once she has calmed down.

We go out every day to somewhere where she sees the normal hustle and bustle of life and every day and she is making progress.

She has gone from a bundle of stress and vocalisation to calm and relaxed around the house/garden. She travels well in the car, now she is used to it.

Whilst she is always extremely closely supervised, she responds positively to an under two year old child, who can interact with her without any reactions from Kia.

She has the typical chase drive for rabbits, squirrels, cats etc.

Kia’s EPI is dead easy to manage, a spoonful of powder is added to her meal and mixed in, that’s it (she is feed twice a day, morning and evening).”

Sadly Kia’s foster mum’s work hours have changed so she cannot keep Kia and she is now back in kennels in Essex. We desperately want her to go back into a home please.

Kia has found herself a wonderful home.

Sadly the circumstances in Kia’s new home have changed and she is sadly having to look yet again for a new home, here is what her current home have to say about her:

Kia is a beautiful girl, good natured and very affectionate. She is 5 years old, fully vaccinated and in good health. She does suffer from EPI which is easily treated with Panzym powder in her food and I also give her grain free kibble which also helps.
Unfortunately, due probably to a bad start in life she is a reactive dog especially with other dogs though she has lived with other dogs in the past without a problem, it would be necessary to introduce her to dogs very carefully.
She likes to chase pheasants, squirrels etc and is over alert during walks. She does pull on the lead but is improving, patience is needed as she is easily distracted.
She still needs help with socialising and is hand shy with strangers, again careful introduction is needed but she soon settles down. I had 8 people on 2 occasions to stay over Christmas and once she was introduced she was perfectly happy and settled with everyone, she was even good with the 5 year old boy who came.
In the home she is a lovely calm dog, it’s when outside she has trouble coping. She needs somewhere quiet and peaceful and someone with time and patience.
It is with huge regret that I have to ask the rescue centre to try and rehome her but my circumstances have greatly changed. I truly hoped I would be her last owner.
I know with love and patience she will make someone a wonderful companion. Please give this lovely girl a home.

Kia has found her new home.

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