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May I introduce King who unfortunately is in need of a new home again. This friendly lad is 4 years, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

In his original home King was living with a number of dogs and young children.  One of the males and him did not get along but he was fine with all the other dogs both small and large, male or female. A clash of personalities more than anything.

In his next home King had been living with a young GSD bitch however  we are told had become quite dominant towards her resulting in her hiding away. She was quite a ‘gobby’ young girl so he may have just been a bit masterful in his disciplining. He again lived with young children but just due to his size and pushy attitude, would be best if he only lived with older children.

King then found himself a home with a more mature couple and having been there with no problems for  a few months was rather forthright in greeting the small dog next door and the neighbour has made such a fuss they felt they could no longer keep him.

Now in foster, he has settled in well and is a very friendly dog who enjoys being around people and loves attention.  He loves playing and is very energetic. He has been f fine with other dogs off the lead and is living with a GSD bitch again with no problems.

When walking he does pull but is getting better and he does respond to most commands but this can all be sorted with training.  He is also learning that he gets attention or what he wants if he calms down as he can get excitable.

This lad just needs a GSD experienced home and he will be a fantastic addition!

The right home is out there for him somewhere please.

King is now in his new home.

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