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Kira presents as a loving, placid and super friendly young lady. Kira finds herself in need of a loving family home and an experienced German Shepherd owner through no fault of her own. Kira is a 3-year-old German shepherd cross Rottweiler who possesses largely German Shepherd traits both in appearance and behaviours. Her previous owner passed away and she was looked after for approximately a year by a family member before he was sadly unable to continue her care. Her current family took her in to try and give this young dog a chance but she needs more than this busy and growing family are able to provide and they have made the sensible (but very difficult) decision to help to find Kira her forever home by coming to GSRE.

Kira is a spayed female who has many wonderful traits, she is a very affectionate young lady who loves to play, with a cheeky personality and a friendly demeanor. Kira dotes on the children in her family home and plays with them and the second dog in the home beautifully. Kira knows and follows a range of commands to include- sit, stay, paw, bed and has exceptional recall. Kira has no known medical issues, eats well, isn’t food or toy possessive but is a real bundle of energy. Kira doesn’t like her paws to be touched and will let out a low grumble to indicate she would you like you to leave her alone.

Kira requires an experienced German Shepherd owner to support her ongoing training – she can be reactive when walking on lead (halti is currently being used) barking on the lead and barking at other dogs but does not appear to be aggressive. Kira has had an altercation with a neighbour’s dog where she did cause harm and the other dog required stitches. The other dog started did start it.The current owners knowledge this is the only occasion Kira has caused harm to another animal and never a person.

Kira does has some separation anxiety both in the house and in the car, although this is to be expected when this young lady is already in her 3’° home in her young life. Kira does jump up to meet people but quickly settles. Kira is a very intelligent young lady, she can open doors – if there is a way out she will find it (she is a known escapologist) thus my recommendation for an experienced German Shepherd owner.

Kira is very high energy and in her current home enjoys walking in the woods, playing on the beach and enjoys swimming in the sea. She’s also active at home and loves to play. Our volunteer saw her with a ball in her mouth during the entirety of the visit! Kira is an absolute delight – friendly, loving, loyal, great with children. Now all Kira needs is the right home to continue her training.

Kira has been rehomed by her owner.



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