Klaus is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what his current owner says about him.

Klaus is a 4-year-old, male, short coated, tan with black face, KC registered German Shepherd. He is not currently neutered, but is Flea/worm treated, vaccinated and microchipped.
He has no known food allergies and no disclosed medical issues. He currently eats Tails and Harringtons, twice daily. He has lived in his current home since he was a puppy when he was bought, along with his brother, from a private breeder. He is very good when being handled by vets etc.

Klaus is being rehomed through GSRE as he is not getting along with his litter-mate brother who he currently lives with. There have also been two separate nipping incidents, one child and one adult.

Klaus has been described as being good with children but due to him nipping he will not be rehomed with young children (possibly older teenagers who are dog savvy). This incident happened when a friend came to the home with their children and unexpectedly entered the garden noisily and unannounced. One child got scratched on the face and the other was nipped on their fingers. Klaus came away from them as soon as he was called by his owner. The first instance of nipping happened to a workman who was using a digger in the owner’s garden (nipped on shin).

Klaus is described as not being very good with other dogs although he does play boisterously with a friend’s dog. He is reactive towards other dogs when out and will bark and lunge. He is not good with cats and although he is unexperienced around livestock, his owner thinks he would chase them.

Klaus will bark at the window and lunge at the front door if deliveries/people come to the home. He is currently left all day (with a neighbour giving him and his brother a comfort break) without any destructive behaviour. He lives indoors and is housetrained. He does not show any possessive tendencies with toys/food towards people but does like to steal and store the dog toys in his bed and does not like his brother taking them.

Klaus gets excited when going for a walk. He is currently walked on his own as he will sometimes take his annoyance out on his brother after reacting to other dogs. He doesn’t pull on the lead and will happily run alongside his owner for 5-10km. He used to have a recall when he was younger and is described as being well mannered. He knows sit, stay, paw, down and bed. He is a great dog who loves to play and is very loving.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Klaus, this is what they said about him.

Klaus is a large boy with handsome markings and obviously well cared for.
He was the perfect gent when the assessor entered the house. As soon as the muzzle was removed, both Klaus and his brother sat by the assessor’s side, ready to raid their treat bag. They gave their paws etc. with no wariness at all and were very well mannered.

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