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Have a look at this beauty, her name is Koine – pronounced Ko-e, she is 5yo, spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped.

We are told she is not great around other dogs, she will lunge and have a nip if she can so needs to be the only dog, she has been fine with the cats at home but will chase other furries when outside, has ignored horses and cows she has seen when out. A no to children.

She has nipped a couple of times and things have been put in place at home to prevent this happening again.

She is fine to be left alone for up to 5hrs with no chewing or anxious behaviour, loves going out in the car, she is walked in a head collar to discourage lunging at dogs and will happily walk to heel.

She was fine with our volunteer when she had been in the house for a short time, she took treats nicely, gave her paw and lay down for a reward, very intelligent girl who likes to please. Not an overly fussy girl which a new owner will need to respect.

Koi is fine with cats in her home but other small furries, squirrels, rabbits outside are fair game.

She is very toy orientated making future training and intros easier.

There is a new crawling baby in the home and owner does not feel happy for the pair to meet on a daily basis hence the need to rehome which is quite sad as she has been there since a puppy.

If you think this lovely girl could become part of your family then complete the adoption application on our website and we will do the rest.

Koinu now called Chloe has been adopted.

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