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Lana is just a baby and will be 1 in October. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Looking for a new home due to her owner’s health, time availability and finances. This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Lana was purchased in May from a man in a pub. She was in poor condition physically and mentally. Lana is quite anxious in certain situations. I was told with time, training and patience this has radically improved. The dog I met was incredibly calm and steady especially considering her age. This breed tend to either herd or chase and from what I have been told prey drive will need to be monitored here as there is a propensity for it. However her owner has been working on this. Recall is good from what I saw and its fairly accurate even in a stimulating environment. Lana is pretty good on the lead.

Lana did not bark at me at all when I arrived nor did she jump up at me for attention. There has been no active guarding of items but this should also be watched. Lana, when given and item of value, will want to take the item away and play/eat etc. She should be given space to do so as this is an obvious sign that she lacks full trust in humans. Lana looks in good condition, well cared for and she looks a well made dog, nice straight back and it would seem a calm, easy temperament despite her poor start in life. Lana can be left for a few hours at a time. If left for too long can become frustrated and destructive.

Overall Lana is a lovely young girl. She seems very loving, handler orientated and bright. She does have food allergies and needs a grain fee and hypo allergenic diet. Lana loves young children but has been shy around teenagers. She seems playful around other dogs which as always should be supervised during her teenage phase.”

Can you give Lana a new home please?

Lana has been rehomed by her owner.

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