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This happy young girl is Leila who is just 10 months old. She is vaccinated and microchipped but not yet spayed as she has not yet had a season. Not a full GSD.

Leila has lived with children with the youngest being 4 years old, and 3 other dogs. She is fine around horses as well. Friendly and excitable with people, she likes her toys and food with no issues.

Leila was handed in to another rescue because she was too boisterous, but being a baby still she has just lacked training and boundaries.

A lovely addition to an experienced home that can give her the training and exercise she needs.

Leila has had a break in a foster home and this is what her foster dad has to say about her:

“I have no doubt that if you put any puppy in a home with three older dogs and a few children from 4 up then the puppy will be a tiny bit lively,  What did they expect!

We have seen Leila in a quieter setting and she is a perfectly normal dog.  She is very interested and full of joy.  We have had quite a few visitors and she has been delighted to meet them all.  Yes, she gets very excited when they first arrive but she soon settles down.  No sign of any aggression.  She recognises “Sit” “Stay” “Down” and “Bed” and obeys mostly but she does need boundaries and further training.  However she is very keen to please and quite bright and so will train fairly quickly, Well behaved in the car.

On the lead she pulls at first but, if checked, understands and will walk with a slack lead, she will sit at the kerb and ignores other dogs so long as they are on the other side of the road.  Meeting head on she thinks everyone is a friend and needs to learn not to jump up but that will be an easy fix.  She gets on well with our dog and backs off when he has had enough play.

She has a lovely coat, very shiny and short and I doubt that moulting will be anywhere near as bad as the usual Shep.

All in all a very good natured and bright girl who will make a loyal and loving pet who will fit in with most families.”

She has also met the kennel’s cat who she wanted to play with.

Leila has set off to her new home.

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