If you’re looking for a youngster that has lots of potential then this maybe the girl for you!

Please meet Lilly!

Lilly is around 9 months old, she’s a very pretty little girl with bags of character.

This little girl has ‘fun’ written all over her and she definitely is a little pocket rocket but she’s also very loving.

Lilly found herself in the stray pound, probably another pup bought on a whim and then became too much for her owners!

Lilly doesn’t know many commands but she does know sit, she’s quite clearly not had any boundaries set and not learnt anything either.

We have introduced Lilly to our volunteers and she loves them all, she’s a very busy little girl and she would excel at something like agility once she’s old enough.
Lilly has been out on some walks with our other dogs and she has shown a bit of reactivity towards them, she’s clearly not had any socialisation.

She’s a bit of a puller on the lead but she is starting to listen and is showing signs of improvement with this.

Lilly is absolutely fine around her food and toys, she loves to chase a ball but equally enjoys a game of tug.

This pretty pup is looking for an active home where she can learn to be the dog that she’s meant to be. She does require some work, training, time and patience but at the end of the day she’s a baby that has missed out on so much already.

We would only place Lilly with older children due to her bouncy nature, we have already been told that she will chase cats and she may with the right introduction settle with another dog but a few meets maybe required due to her reactivity.

Lily has been adopted.

9 month
Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:

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