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“This sweet girl came to us very on guard and unsure of the rest of the world. But since being with us we found out Luna loves her toys can get a bit protective of them. Luna is a lot better meeting new people. She can be unsure at first but once you have had a walk with her she just wants a cuddle with you. Luna does get a bit anxious with stuff around her feet and bum area, also the lead if it gets wrapped around her but if you try untying it, she does end up mouthing you. Luna can walk with dogs but prefers her own company.

Luna is now microchipped,fully vaccinated and spayed. She had been in the same home since a pup who were looking to rehome her due to her behaviour. This is what our volunteer had to say:

“Luna is a lovely young dog with so much potential.  Unfortunately due to applicants shielding and isolating during COVID lockdowns Luna’s puppy training and socialisation was interrupted and as such it appears that Luna may have gone a bit “stir crazy”. Prior to lockdowns, according to applicant, Luna was fine, social with a very good demeanour but post lockdown it appears Luna has a degree of anxiety and is over protective and territorial of the home above normal GSD instinctive behaviour.

On a walk, there were no issues at all, she is very bouncy, fast and loves running after ball.  No interest in other dogs. I was slightly behind walking with applicant and Luna would stop and look back to ensure we were still there then carry on walking and “herd” applicants husband.

We then walked all together with Luna off lead then on lead.  She walked fine with me only a foot or so away to my side, no issues.  Recall spot on.

Luna has many positives. Young, fit, healthy good looking dog with loads of potential to be even better given the chance by getting her tendency to bite/try to bite out of her. Personally I think it could be down to anxiety/nerves. In my opinion she could benefit from something to do, a job, she could be an excellent working dog. She is intelligent and young enough to learn, food orientated so reward based. She loves to sniff so tracking and trailing could give her some focus, formally or informally.

I think she would like someone in the house all or most of the time and have someone who accepts her current behaviour and has time to spend training and “rehabilitating” her out of her negative adverse behaviour. Location with large garden, lots of space, fields or farmyard with no distractions would be ideal.  She loves the beach.”

Luna has had a trial as a working dog and their feedback was that with the right handler and more time she could be amazing.

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