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*Luna is now around 18mth old.*

The end of last week (late October) we received this message from a dog warden we have worked with in the past:

“Hope all is well with you. I’m sure you’re overflowing like everyone but I took in a lovely girl today who has two 6 day old puppies. I got them signed over as the young girl was not coping with them and left them alone in the house only visiting to feed them once a day. Poor dog was barking and howling for hours on end and housing association told her they had to go. I really hope you can help.”

As you can imagine we could not say no.  We were told Luna is about 13 months old. Not microchipped or vaccinated and already on her third home!

One of our foster homes went and collected mum and pups but sadly mum had no real interest in the pups, they were pretty inactive, and she just wanted to be with people and was willing to try and destroy the house to get to them. Foster mum spent the night with them and started bottle feeding as Luna had no real interest in them and it is amazing they have made it this far.

Poor Luna is a produce of the state of our society! Three homes, left alone to deal with puppies on her own, it is hardly surprising she just wants some people contact and affection. She is definitely going to need a home who is with her 24/7 to start bless her and build her up to being left. She is a loving girl but no young children, and at present a definite no to dogs. At this stage unsure if she is dog aggressive but actually suspect she just wants a person to herself.

The decision was made to split Luna and the pups so Luna is sadly in kennels again, and pups were hand reared by foster mum with complications along the way.

No dog deserves to be put through what Luna has and she is desperate to have human contact so can you please help her?

This is what the kennels have to say about Luna:

“This big cuddly girl loves her people and would rather have cuddles than play. We been told she can jump high fences but haven’t seen that at the kennels so have take this into consideration when considering this beautiful girl. She walks well on a halti but does have a prey drive when she sees small furries on walks!  She is an amazing girl who just wants to be with you.”

Since being in foster Luna has started to relax with other dogs and whilst she will probably not want to live with another dog, she is starting to socialise well with them off lead in a controlled environment. She is also more settled when left now.

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