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Luna will be 3 in February next year. She is not spayed but her last season was August so she can be done in November. She is microchipped but vaccinations may not be up to date. Luna has been in her home since a pup but is now being rehomed because she is not getting on with the other dogs, one being her sister and the other a small male bull breed, however none of them are neutered.

This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Luna is a large GSD, she is semi long and fluffy currently weighing 38kg. Luna lives with 2 cats and 2 other dogs. Luna ignores cats, both inside and out, unknown with livestock but not good with other dogs. When Luna is taken on walks with her mum on a lead, she wears a muzzle as she barks and lunges at other dogs near by, she does not do this when they are far away. When the owners son walks Luna she does not wear a muzzle and recalls away from dogs when told to.

Luna has a wonderful temperament. She loves people and children but has decided she does not like the 2 dogs she lives with. In the home she will dominate the other 2 dogs guarding the kitchen door and will not let them in. Luna is fed separately to them as she eats very fast gobbling her food instantly and will growl and bear her teeth if any of the other dogs go near. She is extremely food orientated and no issues with owners around her food.

She is initially excited when she goes out and will pull but she will settle down. Luna loves all balls, preferably hard balls, and loves a game of finding items hidden for her to find. Luna is very bright and is quick to learn and appears devoted to her human family, you can almost see her thinking and working things out in her head about what’s happening around her.

Luna is very friendly and knows not to jump up when greeting people but offers herself for a fuss. Luna can be left for several hours without chewing or damaging the house. Her coat is in good condition and she is groomed every six months. She will be a gorgeous addition to some lucky human family.”

Luna just needs a GSD experienced home where she will get the training and stimulation she loves but is not allowed to become protective or dominant of her human mum on walks!

Luna has been adopted.

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DOB 20.2.21
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