Maggie is a 4/5 year old German Shepherd X. She has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Maggie has been in foster care with us since February this year. However, very unfortunately we cannot keep her as she needs a more active family.

Maggie is a wonderful loving dog with a lovely, kind and patient personality with all the humans she has met. She has been especially gentle with my grandchildren, aged 1 and 3, who love to play with her. So I believe that she could live with a family with small children. However, she must be the only dog in the house. She loves walks, lots of affection, love and human contact.

Maggie is very protective of our home and is constantly on guard, it seems she is hypersensitive and hears every car door slam or leaf move. She will bark whenever someone comes to the door but once she realises it’s someone she knows all she wants is affection and a belly rub. She is very attached to my husband and me and after sleeping upstairs overnight she will not come down stairs until I get up regardless of the time. She does like to come upstairs with us a night and when we tell her to go to bed up she goes and lays at the bottom of the bed. She is very clean in the house and will let you know if she needs to go toilet.

Maggie does not know how to play despite us trying to teach her however she has learned to give us her paw when asked especially if you have a treat. Maggie loves her food and treats and they have to be rationed as she would eat them all.

The only problem that we have experienced is when Maggie meets other dogs when she is on a walk. It is by no means on every walk and she is slowly getting better but sporadically she will take a dislike to another dog and will, mostly without provocation, go for them. When on walks we always keep Maggie on a lead. Unfortunately, due to having to shield during the lockdown we have not been able to try and socialise her with other dogs so this would be a priority to work on.

Overall Maggie is a wonderful dog who deserves an active family that will give her lots of love, attention and belly rubs. She will make a wonderful and loyal family dog. We will all miss her massively and will always hold her in our hearts but we know that she will be happier with a more active family.

Maggie has been adopted.

West Midlands
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