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This gorgeous girl is Millie who is now 4 years old. Now spayed and vaccinated and she is microchipped. Millie originally came into rescue as she was supposed to be a security dog however she did not have any bite in her! The company were going to put her down so her current dad took her in about a year ago but asked for our help as she was getting left alone for long hours. Millie happily lived with another dog, dad’s working dog, and we were told she is good with large dogs but not keen on smaller ones and a no to cats. Good with children.

Millie went into foster and this is what foster mum had to say:

“Millie is super friendly and sweet with people. Loves everyone! Not a guard dog 🐕 by any stretch. Loves children! Plays ball and is a gentle soul…She would be ok with young children as she seems to understand they are little and is gentle with them. Clean and good in the house. No guarding issues with food, toys or people.
She has good recall, she pulls on the lead and may benefit from a halti.
Careful introduction with dogs on and off lead (doesn’t bark or lunge) but is a dominant bossy lady.. so as long as the other dog backs down to her she will largely ignore them… She may struggle to live with another female as she is dominant and would like to be in charge of the other dog. She could live with a nice easy going male that could cope with her being a bossy boots but equally Millie would be the perfect family pet for someone wanting a nice friendly shepherd… she’s an easy girl. She will need exercise and someone around as she loves being with you!”

Millie was adopted but was returned after taking a dislike to another dog in the park. The adopters felt they could not deal with her issue. On return to her foster home, they were very surprised that she jumped out of the car and mixed straight back into the foster mum’s pack.

Millie then found another home with a male Terrier cross and life was good but sadly circumstances have changed and she now finds herself looking for a new home once again. Her owners are now having to work longer hours and mum is the main walker and does not feel confident walking Millie because of her reaction to other dogs when out and about. They cannot praise her enough in the home. They also say recall can be hit and miss if distracted by another dog.

Millie so deserves a forever home please but her new home must have understanding of her lack of doggie socialisation skills when away from home, as she has no etiquette which can become dominant behaviour, which of course is a red flag to other dogs. Her new home must be prepared to work with her and invest time in helping her. She has proved she can live with dogs of all sizes but needs to learn how to interact politely with dogs out and about, or how to ignore them completely. In return you are getting a super girl in the home.

Are you that special home please?

Millie has been adopted.

West Sussex
DOB 16.3.16
Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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