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“Nala is a gorgeous Mali who just wants to please her people. Nala can be very nervous meeting new people but doesn’t take her long to be wanting cuddles with you. Nala had issues with lunging at cars and people out on walks, but she has now learned to sit and not make a sound and she get a tasty treat. She unsure on dogs but with a bit of training she be fine.”

Nala is 3 1/2 years old. She is vaccinated and microchipped but unknown if spayed. We were asked to take Nala in from one of our rescue contacts:

“Nice dog, a working / active home would be perfect. She’s really sweet. I think she’s only 2 but I could be wrong , a little nervous when she meets someone new but warms up to people pretty quickly. Not sure if she’s spayed .

Dog trainer sent this about Nala. I have known Nala since she was 12 weeks. I am a trainer at an obedience club and she came to puppy classes from 22 weeks then continued to basic obedience and got to class 2. She was brought from a breeder unknown to me at 10 weeks, within her first 6 months the owners partner left and the dog was being left for many hours due to work. She was a sociable friendly pup and the owner worked daily on general obedience work and got to level 2 at our club. Also did puppy and bronze kennel club good citizen. Has been worked in a class environment to date. She is very high drive and became reactive very quickly due to many reasons. People and dogs going past windows whilst she was alone, she was getting teased through windows and a fence. Owner was walking early and late so continued social skills were lacking. No man work was ever done. She is muzzle trained and walks well on a harness and gentle leader. Of late she has become a resource guarder of toys and in situations she cant keep control of such as the attention of people. She has bitten her owner but not broken skin. She will pop if you stop fussing her for example with some people. She is beginning to show fear of men if introduced incorrectly. She adores to work and be given a job to do. Her heel work is good and all basic commands are excellent. Recall needs work unless food or ball involved. She needs impulse control work which will help with distractions. She is dog reactive unless introduced carefully. Overall she is high drive and under stimulated. She needs to have a job to do, better boundaries and consistency. Sadly all of which her current owner cannot give. Although thoroughly loved and cared for.”

Nala has been fine at the kennels with people once she has met them, but will need a lot of continued work in terms of socialising with people and other dogs when out and about.

This girl really needs a ‘job’ and would love an active home where she will get the exercise and mental stimulation she craves.

Nala has been adopted.

DOB 2.9.19
Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
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