Noah is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what his current owner says about him.

Noah is about 4-year-old, male, short coated, tan, German Shepherd cross Staffie. He is neutered and microchipped but is not vaccinated or flea/worm treated as yet. He has no known food allergies but due to him being abused as a puppy (prior home) he will bolt his food and over-drink water. He will stop drinking when asked but if stressed the poor boy will drink until he is sick. He is currently fed dry food and is scatter fed once daily. He has no disclosed medical issues. He has lived in his current home since he was rescued at 4-months-old by a charity and rehomed by his current owner.

Noah is being rehomed through GSRE as his current owner has recently had to increase their working hours and their partner has medical conditions meaning they are unable to exercise him.

Noah is described as being good with children but is a boisterous boy so older dog savvy children would be considered. He currently lives with 3 other dogs – 1 GSD, 1 Mali and an old terrier. Visitors to the home often bring their dogs with them and he is also fine with them, after sensible and proper introductions. He can be selective with other dogs and is better with calm and confident dogs as he can be an anxious boy at times (from previous abuse). He likes to play with other dogs but is lively and will sometimes nip at smaller dogs, possibly to initiate play.
He is good with cats and currently lives with one without issue. His reaction to livestock is unknown.

Noah has never bitten anyone and has not shown any aggression towards anyone. He is not food/toy possessive with people but can sometimes guard his food from other animals. He is treat focused. He gets excitable when people visit the home and will jump up looking for kisses but will calm down after a few minutes.
He loves his toys, especially footballs, but has a tendency to destroy them with his enthusiasm!

Noah has been left for up to 9 hours at home and does not show any destructive tendencies. His owner does not own a car so his reaction to travelling in a vehicle is not known. He lives indoors and is housetrained but the poor sausage will occasionally have an accident (wee) if stressed or unsettled.

Noah is only ever walked on-lead so has never been trained with a recall but he does know sit, lie-down, look, stay, wait and no. He is an energetic lad who is very friendly. He is boisterous but friendly when visiting the vets.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Noah, this is what they said about him.

Noah is a lovely, super friendly dog with lots of energy. He is excitable and can be boisterous, jumping up and trying to give kisses with his tail wagging. If given a firm command to stop jumping, he will stop, but after a few seconds he simply cannot contain himself and will start again! He will, however, calm down after a few minutes.

When walked on the lead, Noah pulled a little but relaxed after a short time. He started to pull again when on the way home (anxiety?). He was not bothered by traffic or passing people – they did not meet any dogs/cats to witness any reaction.

Noah has a lovely shiny coat and is a good weight at 20kgs. He has a nice waistline with bright eyes and his teeth/gums are in excellent condition. He is a lovely boy who needs a firm but friendly handler who can help him become the best version of himself through exercise and training.

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