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This gorgeous boy came into us during lockdown when he had been bought as a puppy by inexperienced people and as he was a nervous boy they just couldn’t cope.

He went into foster with one of our volunteers and was there for almost 12 month, he lived there with 2 other dogs and was fine around them. We do not know the full details to what happened but he did bite the male member of the home which was very strange after the length of time he had been there and is now back in kennels with us.

Although he spent a good while in a home he is still a very wary lad and does take time to warm to new people, once you are in his gang you are in for life.

This boy does suffer with nervous aggression and will need multiple meets with any potential suitable homes.

We would advise no children, a couple would be ideal as I think a small non busy household will suit this boy best, even when he settles he will not want lots of new people coming and going as we feel this will be very stressful for him.

He walks lovely on his lead, not really interested in passing traffic, other animals, needs to give himself space to pass people which is to be expected but he does not make a big fuss about it.

Food isn’t really a trigger for this lad, he has been a difficult feeder in kennels, maybe because he is a stressy boy so treats are not something you can use to win him round as he just isn’t really interested.

We are looking for a home who have dealt with nervous aggression before and can go through with us how they have dealt and would deal with Oakley as the right confident approach is paramount for this boy to move forward. Just having had a nervous dog before will not be enough. He does not want softly softly, he needs a confident owner who will instil their confidence down the lead to him calmly and positively.

Oakley will not be an easy quick fix boy but for the right person with the correct skills he will be an amazing loyal dog till his last breath.

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DOB 22.3.20
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