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May I introduce Peggie who is 2 years old. She is not spayed but could be done at the end of May. She is microchipped and vaccinated. Not had much interaction with children, so older children only, is good with large dogs off lead, but reactive on lead. A no to cats. Being rehomed as her owner’s elderly mother is moving into the home soon and her owner is struggling with her training.

This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Peggy is a lockdown puppy that has some behavioural issues from a lack of socialisation.  She is very inquisitive and was out in the garden when I arrived.  I first saw her when she popped her front legs onto the window sill and barked for attention though the open window.  I went outside to meet her and she was very enthusiastic with her greeting – excited barking and keen to lick hands.  I ignored her for a few minutes to enable her to calm down a little bit.   She enjoyed being made a fuss off and happily enjoyed being stroked and rolled over to have her tummy tickled.  At no time did her behaviour become aggressive and she was very happy to play ball in the garden whilst I learnt more about her.  She is in good condition, a nice weight for her size, neat nails and a healthy coat.  She does suffer an adverse reaction to flea bites and is regularly treated to prevent these.  Skin was clean and her coat was in very good condition.

Peggy has a lot of energy and is overly stimulated by her environment in urban Brighton.  She does bark a lot at noise in the environment – other dogs, cats and children etc.  I understand that she happily plays with larger size dogs off the lead but doesn’t have reliable recall.  The owner states that she has a very high prey drive.  I did not walk her but the owner advises that she pulls on the lead and will react to other dogs if they react to her first.  She has bitten her owner, which caused some bruising to the owner’s arm.  This was a result of Peggy reacting to a fox whilst out on a walk and she became very frustrated on the lead.

Peggy is not overly motivated by food but was very gentle when taking treats from my hand.  She was very happy playing ball in the garden and I suspect she would have carried on for quite some time.  She needs an outlet for her energy and mental stimulation to help manage her behaviour.

Peggy can suffer from some tummy sensitivity but is happy on her current diet, Purina ProPlan. Note that her teeth are clean and white but all 4 canines have been blunted and there is no clear explanation for this – the owner suspects this might have happened on a bone.”

Peggy will need an experienced GSD home that can give her the guidance, training, exercise and mental stimulation she desperately needs, and in return this girl could be a super addition.

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West Sussex - IN HOME
DOB 1.5.20
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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