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This handsome lad is 5 year old Raven. Raven is neutered and microchipped and his vaccinations are being brought up to date.

Raven turned up as a stray in Bracknell and despite being chipped contact could not be made with his registered owners so it is has to be assumed they passed him on without updating details.

Taken in by another rescue initially, he was fostered for a week by Lizzy so has been fully assessed.  Raven is a perfect gentleman in the home. A big bundle of fluff that lets you touch and groom anywhere, including pulling big tangles out of his tail. Sits for his dinner and takes treats very gently. Strong on the lead so will need work there but a gencon or similar would probably work well with him.

Raven was dog tested but whilst he could not be classed as aggressive, he is very dominant. Had no respect for the older bitch as they normally do (poor Sophie) but would walk by my side with Sophie the other as he respects his person.  Totally ignored the smaller bitches when they walked past his crate in the evening so he could spend time amongst the ‘family’. He is the sort of dog that would bound over to another looking to play, but on Raven terms. If the other dog didn’t submit to his way he would have a pop. Dog socialisation will be a challenge. A no to cats as way too keen to get to them.

He is a big lad but a great people’s dog. We cannot rehomed with young children as we do not know his history (plus he is quite a lump) but would be fine with older children. A super lad that just needs the right home!


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