Raymond and his crew have made up this simple guide for you little people to follow so that you learn to look after us in the correct way and stay safe  at the same time and also when meeting new dogs too….here goes!

Raymond's 10 Golden Rules

Big Raymond-w1000-h800Rule 1

Raymond says if you are out walking and you see a dog that you do not know always stop and ask the dog’s owner if he is friendly and if he would mind if you stroked him as not all dogs like to be fussed by people they do not know and maybe they are not used to children and would be scared by a small person approaching them….always to be safe and ask first!

Rule 2

If the person says that their dog is fine to be   fussed   be careful to approach him calmly, do not run up shouting and throwing your arms at him as this may scare him and cause him to react differently to normal.

Rule 3

When you get a new dog like me at home be sure that you make him feel welcome but do give him plenty of his own space to settle into his new home without feeling like he is being forced or pushed into everything. Tell him where his water and food bowls and where he is to sleep but allow him to check these things out for himself.


Rule 4

Aldo says puppies like him are very loveable but he will not stay this size for long and within a matter of months he will be as big a boy as Raymond. Not every home is suitable for a baby like Aldo so always make sure you can give a puppy everything he needs as he will need you most of the time in the early days for toilet training, lead training, teaching him to sit and stay, learning his basic manners in the home and outside too. Also not forgetting that I will need my very first vaccinations and to be micro chipped   in case I wander off, if someone finds me they can scan me and know that I belong to you. In my early days I will need to be able to run around at home so please make sure my garden is safe and secure.

Sally the Staffie-w1000-h800Rule 5

Sally has had quite a few homes already and once had a litter of puppies by mistake or that is what her owner says, Sally was only a baby herself. Sally would like to remind people that having your pet neutered or spayed is very important to make sure they do not have puppies  as there are too many poor dogs looking for homes already with not enough people to love them all.


Clive the cat-w1000-h800Rule 6

Clive would like to say that if you are thinking of taking home a new “dog” friend and you are already the proud owner of a lovely pussy cat like Clive please be careful to introduce the new pair to each other in the proper way, do not be surprised if your cats makes some strange hissing noises and runs like the wind upstairs, that dog thing needs to know that I am the boss and I am not overly happy about sharing my house with him but I will have a think about it upstairs and get back to you later on what my answer is. In the meantime dog, keep your eyes open at all time for me as you have already seen I can move pretty fast and make some very scary noises so dog….be aware!

Rule 7

Raymond, Aldo and Sally all love to go for a nice long run and chase in the woods so if you are thinking of getting a new friend please make sure that you can always spare the time to give them a good run at least once a day to use some of our boundless energy up or we may start to use it up doing other things like chewing things in the house or digging the garden up or even worse chasing Clive!!

Rule 8

All the crew at some time or another may need to visit the dog doctor or cat in Clive’s case which may or may not cost a lot of money, we never know when this will be but you need to consider all these things before offering me my forever home. Taking out insurance for us is always a good idea as this will offer help for the future should we need to have treatment which may prove to be expensive.

Rule 9

Sally, Aldo and Raymond all love to go swimming and get really wet and then have a lovely roll in the grass if you are lucky, if not any mud we can find will do nicely thank you. If you think this will be a problem for you in your house then the answer is…..adopt Clive, he loves to stay clean and dry at all times, all dogs are dirty according to Clive!

Rule 10

We all love the company of you human kind so do not wish to spend long hours on our own so please think about this when looking to take us into your life, O, Clive says he will decide how much time you can spend with him and how many times you can stroke him and on which day so if you only have limited time then Clive would be more suited to live with you, us canine folk like to be with us as much as we can!

Why we do what we do

German Shepherd Rescue Elite was not only set up to help as many unwanted, abandoned and neglected German Shepherds as possible, but to also offer education to the general public on the responsibilities / pros / cons of owning a large working breed dog and to be able to offer help and advice so hopefully we can become the prevention for once instead of always being the cure.

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