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We were asked to take in this young man who sadly is another imported youngster who has been let down. Not sure where, but we were told he is a GSD cross. He is just 13 months old, he is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and has his own passport.

This is what we were told about Reggie:

“Reggie came over as a 4 month old pup as requested by a lady who desperately wanted him. He’s good with other dogs, untested with cats and has lived with 2 teenage children. I took him back to see the problem as he bit the lady adopter when she tried to take something off him. I think she has let him be the boss! If he pinched a slipper he won’t give it back or drop it. He will growl and think will bite if challenged. He tried once with me and I distracted him and got the item back without any challenge. Basically I think he’s a nice dog apart from this resource guarding. He’s not a bad boy just needs some training. He doesn’t have recall and pulls a bit on the lead. Will chew a harness if left on. Poor boy needs some guidance!”

Reggie just needs a home who can give him the boundaries and training he has obviously missed out on, and of course lots of exercise and training. A young energetic man who needs a settled environment having been around the block already in his young life.

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DOB 24.7.20
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