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Rex will be 4 in July. He is neutered and microchipped but his vaccination will need to be restarted. This is what our volunteer had to say about this lad who just needs an experienced GSD home who will give him the boundaries and training he needs:

“Rex is a gorgeous 4 year old neutered male shep. His owner brought him of gumtree as a 6/7 month old pup and found he was originally from Poland and when he arrived to them he was in a bad state. They described Rex as a big friendly giant lad who loved everyone but when Rex was a year old they had to rehome him as they was moving into a 2 bedroom flat with kids and knew it wouldn’t be fair on Rex so they  rehomed him to a couple who  they thought had GSD experience About 4/5 months later they got asked if they would take him back as he became very reactive to people and dogs.  Owner took Rex back and they said he was walked on a prong collar and was really reactive to new people and dogs which he was never like before it was like a different dog.

Skip a couple of years and now Rex is 4 and the family have decided they can’t give Rex what he needs as he needs more training and they fear that if he accidentally got out there may be an incident. I met Rex and he was muzzled and he was very pleased to see me I took him for walk where he was a very sweet lad who was letting me fuss him and stroke him. When we got back to the house he wasn’t keen on me being in the house and sat beside his mum and dad.

Rex is a gorgeous boy who got a lot of love to give and would be amazing dog with the right training. I would say no to young children as even though he lives with one he can be unsure with new kids.  He used to live with a Frenchie.  Pulled little bit on lead but not dragging me.”


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Essex - IN HOME
DOB 4.7.20
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