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This handsome lad is Rio who will be 5 in December. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Rio has been with his family since 5 months of age and came from Lithuania with them. He did break a back leg at 6 months but it has healed well and you would not know unless told. Rio is being rehomed as has decided he is his mum’s protector meaning when she is there he is constantly on the attack to keep people away. His mum knows she cannot change this.  This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Rio is a handsome lad and in the right hands would be a fantastic dog. Rio was outside at the back  a I arrived and was quiet. He did start making a fuss when he saw me. Dad put his muzzle on and I we so I went out back. Rio was tethered to a post so I continued to chat with Dad ignoring him and just out of reach. He continued to jump at me so I continued to ignore him. He calmed down a little so I moved within his reach but still ignoring his lunging. This continued for a few minutes but I eventually got to stroke him. I got Dad to bring him out front so that I could walk him.

Away from the house he did settle down and walked to heel quite well. We did have a lunge at a passing car, a cyclist, and another dog but this was easily corrected with a tug on the lead and making him sit. I felt success on the way back as we managed to pass a cat (which I had made sure he had seen) without issue.

Unfortunately I don’t think Rio has had sufficient socialisation but I equally don’t think it would take much to correct this. His major problem is that he sees his main job is to protect Mum from everyone a job which he takes far too seriously. Away from Mum he is much better although needs boundaries and socialisation. He is absolutely fine with the Cocker Spaniel bitch he lives with (indeed she has had two litters of pups with him around with no issues).

He will need an experienced owner and who will not allow the attachment problem to re-surface. The couple did say that when they have been away and Rio has been in kennels he is a different dog with the kennel staff, not exhibiting the aggression that I have seen in the home.”

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