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This handsome lad is Rocco who is just 2 years old. He is entire but is microchipped and vaccinated. Being rehomed as his dad left home and his mum is unable to walk him due to a disability. This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Rocco is a big 2 year old pup! He started barking when I was approaching. His owner had shut him in the sitting room but let him out once I came in. He came tight over sniffed me and then proceeded to jump up. Didn’t persist once I turned away. We sat down and he was very scent orientated to me and my bag etc. Licking and a little bit of mouthing too but on the whole a friendly and lively lad.

A friend has been helping to walk Rocco but is no longer able to this and mum is also due surgery soon. Rocco has been walked using a harness and halti but I only used the harness when I took him out and doubled the lead to his collar for more control. He was fine walking along the road being more interested in sniffing everything and peeing than pulling me along. There was a cat across the road from us which if he did see it, he didn’t show any reaction. The local park was at the end of the road and it was quiet as it had just stopped raining. Rocco clocked a dog and was prick eared and focused but not really pulling until we got closer. Then he started barking and lunging but not really pulling, almost backing away as he was doing it.

Before his dad left Rocco was let off lead on walks and played with other dogs ok though could be a bit rough. My feeling is he would probably be oaky with another large dog with careful introductions as he did live with a small dog for a few months but he was very rough.

Rocco has pannus which is managed with a prescribed ointment. He was fidgety for me to examine but had no problem with checking him over. Owner said he is quite chilled out when being groomed.

Rocco shows no anxiety with fireworks or thunder. Overall I think Rocco has the potential to be quite a laid back boy once he gets the exercise and training he needs with a firm confident owner. There’s no obvious nervousness about him (except perhaps when on lead). He does show some dominant behaviour with the jumping up. Neutering would possibly help take the edge of some of this.”

Can you give this handsome lad a home?

Rocco has been rehomed by his owner.

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DOB 29.9.21
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