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We received an urgent call from the vets about this young man who we were told is GSD cross. He had been taken in by a family who had no real experience of dogs and was basically ruling the roost.

Rocky is about 2 years old. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We believe he has come in from abroad as he arrived with a passport.

Currently been no trouble at the kennels but we would not rehome him with young children. Rocky will need an experienced owner who can teach him boundaries and give him lead training etc he has missed out on. He will also need doggy socialisation.

Update on Rocky, we have received an email from a family who fostered him:

“My name is Clara and I was browsing your website and I came across a dog my family fostered – Rocky. I see that it states his breed is unknown, well he is an Estrela mountain dog and he travelled over from Spain in January 2015. He lived with my family (we have nine children and a grandchild ranging from 4 years old to mid-twenties), we also have dogs, cats and other animals. Rocky was absolutely fine with our dogs, we had no issues at all when out walking meeting other dogs either. In fact he was a joy to look after.

We had no problems with his behaviour whilst in our care, and we do know that the family he was adopted by spoiled him and then became fearful when Rocky began to rule the household. By the way Rocky was previously called Rex and responds to a few Spanish phrases such as “Ven Aqui” which means come here.”

Apparently Rocky was bought into the country by another rescue and when his owners asked them for help no rescue back up was given.

Someone must want to give this lad a chance please?

Rocky has been adopted by his foster home, or rather he has adopted them we are told!

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