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Roxie will be 3 in October. She is not spayed but last had a season in April so could be done in August. She is microchipped but vaccinations are out of date. Roxie has been in her home since a pup and is being rehomed as her mum has lost trust in her after a recent incident. Roxie is not good with dogs, but saying that she has not had proper socialisation, and there was an incident with another dog who Roxie bit. The other dog sadly passed away, not from the bite but the shock. It is also believed the other dog actually started the altercation and was in season.

This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Well what can I say about Roxie!! She is an absolute stunning girl. When we walked in (I took my son) she was at the window shouting loudly at us but as soon as we went inside she calmed down, within minutes she wanted fuss, kisses and belly rubs.

We played fetch in the garden and although giving the ball back was a struggle her recall was good. Roxie is very treat orientated. There have been two bite incidents. Two teenagers in the house were play fighting and one got bitten, the second was an intoxicated visitor who had a fight with his partner. Roxie showed no sign of aggression to either myself or my son during our visit.

In all honesty I believe Roxie is a good girl at heart and she just needs guidance and training, she doesn’t deserve to become another statistic. But saying that I understand why her parents have lost confidence.

She is beautiful, well loved and in great condition, she just needs a chance.”


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