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This beautiful young girl is Roxy who is just 1 year of age. We were contacted by the police for help who had taken her in for her own safety:

“Brought as a pet from Gumtree at around 9 weeks, lived at home with owner and 4 young children. She was very bouncy, and owner concerned due to having baby and toddlers put gate up, so they were separated. Roxy would only have contact with children when supervised, she would take food from the children’s hand but never bitten. Realised that she couldn’t give her the exercise she needed so looked to rehome.  Found a new home, after the first day ‘new’ owner stated she wouldn’t listen to him and was vicious. She then went back to the original owner, who stated she seemed nervous when she came back as reportedly kept in a crate at the ‘new’ owner’s premises. Owner states she is strong, must cross over road when others walking towards her. Basic lead training as could not afford behaviourist. Owner stated she contacted 4 rescues who declined to take her due to being a Mali.

6th May – dog took child’s toy, so she went to get the toy back and as states was assertive with her and she growled/curled her lip – did not bite. She reported this and stated to police originally that it had gone for her child also but when statement taken this was not mentioned. Stated in statement not fearful that herself or children would be injured but realised needed to remove her before something did happen.

She was taken to RSPCA by officers – due to reasons given for dog being rehomed could not look to rehome due to circumstances. They have said she is very focused and good on lead whilst she has been with them. Roxy is in the contracted kennels and has been disclaimed to us. Incident has been classed as a Section 3 dangerous dogs act 1991 (in fear or apprehension of being injured).  NOT to be rehomed with children.”

This is what the contracted kennels told us:

“Roxy does bark when she sees someone she doesn’t know and will bark at other dogs. She has not interacted with any other dogs. She loves attention and loving, doesn’t need stimulation and is always on the go. Eats dry food and enjoys treats.

Has not been in season since in our kennels and was vaccinated by RSPCA, flea and worm treated 5/7/23. Not on any medication.

Kennel staff haven’t had any problems with her whilst in their kennels. Kennel staff are not behaviourists. She is wearing a collar that she came in with.

Needs to be placed with someone with experience of this breed. She is quite sharp at end of lead, but willing to please and can see she has had some training. “

To date our kennels have seen the same behaviour and say she is a lovely young girl. We will be assessing her further with other dogs but has been out on a group walk and after initially barking was absolutely fine. In the right home she will be a super little fire cracker!

Roxy has been adopted.

DOB 2.9.22
Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
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